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City of Toronto sublets public housing to gansta's and drug dealers. $111 million in public housing repairs raises the bar to squalor. Where did the money really go? Got a problem blame a gun owner. They're good whipping boys. Shooting party tweet predicted mass casualties. How did the police get it soooo wrong? Our leaders are an insult to imbeciles. Are they letting the shootings happen as part of an agenda? Model plane patsy sentenced. Conspiracy Cafe outed the plot. Amelia Earhart Google doodle. Al Qaeda in the South Pacific. Flight school instructor friends with Mohamed Atta admits he's CIA man. London Olympics security breaches. Olympic torch grabbed in Allah operation. Super yachts bring subs and missile systems. Governments leaders ordered onto public transit. Threat against Israeli athletes. Bulgarian bus bombing. More security fakery with Olympic stewards. 1972 predictive art of Parravicini. John Holmes Manchurian. Russians before and after massacre. MK Ultra. Holmes alma mater does theatre shooting exercise the same day. Holmes DARPA man. Child sacrifice of theatre victim on the wall mural at Denver airport. Media victim at Toronto Eaton Centre shooting too. Was it a covert ops too? Mural mural on the wall on Conspiracy Cafe.


Posted by George Freund on July 29, 2012 at 10:23 PM 2960 Views