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Look into the Future on Conspiracy Cafe 2012-07j-19



Shooting in Toronto Police Chief show his inability to grasp his trade. Mexican drug wars continue with more beheadings. North American Union will bring it home to YOU! United Nations Conference of the Arms Trade. Clinton mastermind in Fast and Furious. Cop shoots young black woman in Detroit. Where's the activists? Florida Sheriffs shoot homeowner after breaking into his home looking for murderer. Gustav Klimt Google Doodle. Lee Hazeldean by the sine and the square a masonic ploy. London terror pending in film and murder. Millennium Dome 2000 mayhem delayed. British immigration let in numerous terror supects. Oops! G4S fiasco known for 10 months.U.S. Navy shoots first off Dubai. Iran prepares to close Strait of Hormuz. Russians offer protection to arms ship MV Alead. Turkey fears orthodox restoration in Russia and Nabucco pipeline. Chinese claim South China Sea. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation partner with Chinese Pharma for population reduction. UN mega cities for all. Rootworms kill GM corn. Big Pharma kills. Roman law you are a SLAVE. LIBOR a national security ploy. British banker murdered. OECD says lost generation on the horizon. On Conspiracy Cafe we look into the future.

Posted by George Freund on July 21, 2012 at 8:06 AM 3704 Views