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Secret Rituals on Conspiracy Cafe 2012-07j-12


D.C. power failure. Union busting to blame as workers eliminated over the years. Robert Pickton and the pig farm. The murders of the missing women. RCMP harassment of female officer. RCMP S & M officer part of missing women task force. They threaten to hang and gut one of their own. They fanaticise doing it to others. Can we assume they didn't do it for real? Top investigator most likely to solve the Pickton case fired. Top RCMP officer promoted off the case. Old boy network seems to have secret agenda. Pickton ran bar called Piggie's Palace. It was a registered charity for women's groups or was it a money laundering operation? $200 million dollars was the value of the local drug trade. Essondale/Riverview hospital was the focal point of child abuse involving sheer torture and unexplained deaths. It was the site for horror films and novels. It had deep dark secrets. The head nurse was locked up as a psychiatric case for reporting sexual abuse by staff. Medical experiments were done on the children. Funds were misappropriated. Was Pickton ot his victims ever inmates there? Was he killing the girls for the good of the State or disposing of the bodies of the unexplained deaths. Is this why agents of the State were deaf, dumb, and blind? Are they still? Mother claims to have identified Pickton's accomplice. The RCMP are NOT interested. Is there a serial murder ring operating on the lower mainland? Lucian Freud dark and sinister. The Olympics countdown. Patsies arrested. Disaster planner exposes secret exercises. Porton Downs and nuclear submarines are mentioned. Prince William's double identified. Stonehenge lights up with fire rituals. Are they telling us something? It's two weeks to go. Who will win gold in the conspiracy war? It's Secret Rituals on Conspiracy Cafe.

Posted by George Freund on July 16, 2012 at 9:29 AM 2743 Views