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2012 06j 28


Alan Turing Google doodle code for the Olympics. Whistleblower infiltrates Olympic security firm G4S and reports coffins and mass evacuation plan. G4S also in University of Alberta shooting. Dubious security firms involved in 9/11. Russians TARGET Canada in Open Skies flight for Armageddon. Obama seizes assets of the Russian Federation in Executive Order related to fissile material. Syria shoots down Turkish jet. Russia reinforces Syria with special forces. Obama has war plan. Democratic election in Egypt nulled by the generals. Taliban stop vaccinations. Steve Qualye reports Euro already done. Lagrarde says three months for Euro. Natwest and Royal Bank of Scotland enter second week of bank holiday. Moody's to downgrade 100 firms. Bank of England endorses UNLIMITED QE! Integrate or perish the threat. Miracle solution create your own cash. Irish village prospers doing it. ESFS sold bonds in secondary market a year before crisis. Einstein quotes key to solution. Van Rompuy says more power. Bank of England Governor 'pessimistic'. Bank for International Settlements comes out of the closet with doom report. MI5 says CYBERWAR! Atomic Scientists say viruses may have long term catastrophic effects. Mystery disc in the Baltic explored. Roswell under water. On Conspiracy Cafe it's Economics 101.

Posted by George Freund on July 1, 2012 at 9:17 PM 2977 Views