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British Royal Family & other Royalty were Cannibals?! Alex Jones 2011-06-07

According to a new book on medicinal cannibalism, written by University of Durham academic Dr Richard Sugg, well-off and well-educated Brits used to eat human flesh, blood and bones as medicine. This practice apparently took place in other parts of Europe as well up until the end of the 18th century. While referring to the barbarity of cannibals in the New World, royals hypocritically applied, drank or wore powdered Egyptian mummy, as well as human fat, flesh, bone and even brains.



British royals dine on human flesh, according to a book just published.The wealthy and Royals in Britain have swallowed the human body in various parts ripped apart. They have devoured flesh, blood and bones, it is claimed.They have eaten and drunk human fat, flesh, bone, blood, brains and skin.

The author a certain Dr Sugg is from a university's department of English Studies, who argues that British Royals are real cannibals. King Charles II, Queen Elizabeth, William III, and Queen Mary all devoured human flesh and drank human blood. The book describes explicitly, disturbing examples of eating flesh of poor ordinary Irish people from the execution scaffolds and battlefields of Ireland..

It is said that on a recent visit to Ireland that the British Queen when she was told about the Irish being hungry and groveling on their knees again, that she said "Let them Eat Arse Biscuits." The book is called Mummies, Cannibals and Vampires and will be published at the end of June.

The author says, 'Whether or not all this was worse than the modern black market in human organs is difficult to say.' 250.000 people are reported missing in Britain alone every year, the figures are scary but it not clear how much exactly wind up on Royal tables.Apparently some reptilian shapshifting reptiles also do this to maintain their human form As regards the remark to the Irish, "Let them Eat Arse Biscuits," who ever said there is no such thing as a free meal ?

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