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Muybridge Google Doodle war and revelation. Celebrate Schutzenfest 2012. Gun control as a means of 'change'. All roads are leading to a return of the INQUISITION. The face of terror British business couple hounded for States Secrets to hide 9/11 evidence. Zimmerman arrested in Martin shooting after media jihad. NBC faked Zimmerman's 9/11 call. The genocide of Christians in the Sudan. Mercy Ships. New bunker buster 30,000 pounds of fun. Call to eliminate one fourth of the defective seeds. That means you! 5 New Orleans cops get long sentences in Katrina massacre. Afghan massacre had lots of fingers on the trigger. Supreme Court upholds lying under oath. Chinese leader outed for evil. Open trial being kept secret at Fort Hood. 9/11 'mastermind' to be tried in military court. Syria goes down shooting at Turkey. Iran says Israel on the ground already. Chinese insurance company stopping coverage from July. Is that when the war starts? Internet war commenced on China. The spy central for Europe will be GCHQ in Cheltenham. Romney Netanyahu's bum boy will cede middle east policy to Israel. Can you spell Armageddon? Another Sheriff questions Obama's birth certificate. Don't worry Hitler's grandson has one. Pentagon has NO records on Bin Laden raid. If it wasn't a movie, it will be. The end of cash. The Titanic Conspiracy continues. We're moving into the HELIOSPHERE. It a million degree gas cloud. Malaria a weapon of choice on the horizon. It's your choice on Conspiracy Cafe.

Posted by George Freund on April 16, 2012 at 4:12 PM 3202 Views