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The watching TV. Britain goes for spy powers. News wars. Get cross the cross is in the grid. PC David Rathband and 7/7. Gareth Williams MI6 murdered. Elite, rich Guthrie family in terror trap. Former Police Commander Murdoch 'hit' man. The death of Boris Floricic Chaos Computer Man. Murdoch is BIG BROTHER. Putin's Zombie gun. The new 'wall' you can't escape unless you think. GPS door co-ordinates for all. Siberian plane crash silences Russian oil execs. California school shooting the Virginia understudy strikes. All HEIL the North American Union. BRIC's remove dollar Euro support. USS Enterprise steaming slowly to the war. Israeli soldiers in Iran. Russia drew a line on Syria. GM mosquitoes released. Bill 13 Ontario is going GAY. Zimmerman was defending his piece. Indiana passes stand your ground law for use of deadly force against the police. Google patents new spy tool for background noise. The Titanic continues. Vote rigging 101. Conspiracy is the sport of kings.

Posted by George Freund on April 7, 2012 at 10:51 PM 2079 Views