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Juan Gris Google Doodle and the Man in the Cafe. Jules Verne and The Light at the End of the World. Know your rights. James Cameron's deep dive and the D'oh fish. NASA's rocket launch tests the upper jet stream. Project Woodpecker. BRIC's saw legs off U.S. dollar. JP Morgan closes Vatican's accounts. The pot calls the kettle black. Sanford shooting the propaganda agenda of the NWO. Other criminal shootings ignored by the media jihad. Mohammed Merah an Operation Gladio spin off. British Green Paper on State Secrecy the kiddie porn is safe. Swiss want their gold repatriated. Well from hell spews in the North Sea. The Glass House doodle of the Great Architect hints at terror targets. Jet Blue pilot goes berserk. Was the mission aborted? Mrs. Bales introduced. Government used brainwashing techniques in gun control agenda. Government buying up surplus ammo. Birth Certificate in doubt? Attack the 2nd amendment. A Night to Remember part 3. Double crossed cell towers concealed in Christian church crosses. Canada's spy grid. The 365 words that tag you as a terrorist. Pentagon war games say Israel starts it, the U.S. finishes it and the Iranians build the bomb anyway. Cheney gets a heart. Did he have one in the first place? Russian banker shot in London. Trinity Broadcasting has 13 mansions and a $50 million dollar jet. Hmmm? On Conspiracy Cafe we stand our ground.

Posted by George Freund on March 30, 2012 at 12:11 PM 2955 Views