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The War of the Restoration on Conspiracy Cafe

The World Economic Forum - The Great Transformation. Davos solution more free trade and globalization. Obama's election speech. We are generals in the Continental Army facing Lexington and Concorde. The end of the Petro Dollar. The new U.S. currency. Iran national security issue for China. Greece punished for buying Iranian oil on credit. Gold becoming international exchange mechanism. Brits £ 1 TRILLION in debt £ 2.3 TRILLION including liabilities to the nationalized banks. The war on the middle class. International bankers set the world for destruction. Brave patriots provide cover thoughts in the struggle. Work Bank "Prepare for the worst". Rescue fund downgraded. Greece already in default. Costa Captain's femme fatale was the TRANSLATOR issuing emergency announcements. The black box was BROKEN for weeks. COSTA ordered Captain into salute approach. Google Havoc in Heaven doodle points to Canary Islands. Explosive laden ships arriving at Las Palmas regularly. Revelation 17's seven heads and ten horns. Thor Liberty falls off the radar with weapons to start WWIII. Global Star may be the new carrier disappears in the Mediterranean. Is she carrying the payload for a decommissioned AEGIS cruiser to fire on Iran? Did Canadian officer arrested for espionage find out about the diversion of nuclear materials from Russian subs scrapped by the west. Russkies were busted in Galopogas volcano plot in 2006. NYPD shows hate films. KILL KILL KILL the Muslims. The SECRET SOVEREIGN WEALTH FUNDS OR WHY I BECAME PRESIDENT. On Conspiracy Cafe it is the War of the Restoration.

Posted by George Freund on January 28, 2012 at 2:03 PM 3587 Views