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9/11: The Third Truth - Dimitri Khalezov (Full)


You can't miss this let me tell you. The demolition plan was included with the building permit. How steel in penetrated. I am told this video is banned in Germany. On review I know the foundation of the WTC was moved 8 feet. Portions were melted. Large portions of the building disappeared. It was pulverized into dust. A nuke could do that. I am confused with the beginning stating the planes were altered images and couldn't enter the building. Later they did carrying a nuclear weapon. I surmise Russia is hiding something too. I know the KGB planted explosives at key infrastructure during the COLD WAR. It may have been their nukes. There is still a long way to go. However, there is a lot of information in it.

Posted by George Freund on October 15, 2011 at 5:20 PM 3414 Views