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Our October 13, 2011 restoration complete.

The Iranian murder plot. The pot calls the kettle black. The stage is being set for the war that follows financial collapse. Latest terror plotter the red end of the Google code. Google badges reinforce the blue arrow decrypt. Mass ID theft in NYC. Underwear bomber pleads guilty. State secrets are ruled safe. Blackberry shut out part of a larger scheme to stop 'terrorist' communications. Jobs 1 Kill Jobs. Polish police arrest 19 from the Oslo terror bombing. Drones get virus. Will they bite back? Real terror in Berlin and Northern Ireland ignored. Bothersome body at Buckingham Palace rots for three years. NWO plays the race card as Muslims appointed to DHS. PR men try to get us to desire slavery. They're watching you with your PC in Germany. If you're not completely naive, you know there watching you EVERYWHERE! TV sitcom Get Smart reveals explosive laden buildings in 1967 as WTC starts construction. 9/11 communications reveal explosive laden buildings falling around our heroes. Another market meltdown warning. They want to loot national treasuries of trillions so Lagarde can buy MORE JEWELS. Dexia Bank goes under with exposure to American municipal debt. Harrisburg bankrupt. The Euro song a modern tragedy. The X Files explain the terror even the latest plots. The mass media is garbage. You can't tell the truth. On Conspiracy Cafe the Coming Storm.



TV sitcom Get Smart reveals explosive laden buildings in 1967 as WTC starts construction

Posted by George Freund on October 15, 2011 at 12:48 PM 3572 Views