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Lone Wolf Howling on Conspiracy Cafe

Our September 29, 2011 show a masterpiece in the interpretative arts and science.

Celebrations and Lamentations. Terror arrest in false flag operation involving model air planes. Conspiracy Cafe exposes the inner workings of the plot by breaking Google's Blue Arrow code. We see remote controlled blue model air planes a week prior. Citizen media and citizen intelligence STOP the plot this time. The Power Hour gives George the boot for his efforts. Is GCN a false front? Is the Occupy Wall Street real or fake? Our cop knows the camera operator. Marines in Manhattan. NYPD gets anti-air capability. Google's Jim Henson code an enigma machine. Henson's movie Labyrinth a play on the inside of the WTC. Missing missiles in Libya. Iranian Navy to sail to U.S. coast. Earthquake swarms in the Canaries. Will there be a mega-tsunami? Google fixes searches. Facebook spies. Keystone XL pipeline protest. Obama's personal $11 Billion payolas off shore. The mysterious Fifth Column Force even eats the predators. Distress Call 2012. Is abortion a war on light beings sent to Earth in human form? RCMP prepare for war on the people. Tax farmers Rome's faux pas now in England. Particles exceed the speed of light at Cern investment dollars leaving Europe. Gold the reason why? Europe the great bail out robbery part deux. Wikileaks reports 2008 financial crisis was known in 2007 cables. BBC uses hoaxer to create panic in the markets. Lagarde master manipulator and thief poised to grab two trillion. Buffett buying spree restores markets. The 1924 murder of media mogul Thomas Ince by William Randolph Hearst. Small dog gets beaten by drunken Santa on busy street in Manchester. The police state sees nothing does nothing. Tell me how? Vote for Archie. On Conspiracy Cafe only the Lone Wolf Howls.

"All you have to do to make Hearst turn white as a ghost is mention Ince's name. There's plenty wrong there, but Hearst is too big." - D.W. Griffiths

Google's Blue Arrow guide to D.C. terror plot

The Stairs the WTC trap

The eruption in the wings

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