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Pub Date: Apr 07, 2011 The Giffords shooting dopplegangers real deal or CIA honey pot. NYC conducting nuclear dirty bomb drill all week. Presenter melt downs or computer generated talking heads Microsoft makes them very real. Human genes in cows flying in the face of God. The Afghani riots and UN murders Qu'ran burning or bombing children the cause. Our police chiefs in Afghanistan minding the poppy fields or preparing for the privatization of the police 3 thugs for 1. Brits lay off military. BP starts drilling the Gulf in the pincer strategy to kill America. Canadian coins to be stripped of even copper and nickel and replaced with worthless steel. Gold bubble and gold banks rehash of the Templar story. EU to redefine debt and interest off the books. Suspicious algorithms in the markets. Global currency for enslavement of the world. Inferior races kept from the Prime Minister's campaign. Conservative candidate arrested in complex identity theft of Pakistani diplomat's passport. Prime Minister's advisor lecherous old man living with young call girl defrauding indians in scam. NORTH AMERICAN UNION IS THE ELECTION ISSUE. Kamikaze the divine wind crossing the Pacific. Space plane X-37B a weather weapon? Deceased nuclear physicist worked with Sandia Labs maker of the Z Machine cook your plasma at 2 billion degrees kelvin. Were high tech weapons used on the drill holes put into the Japanese fault lines over a three year period? Japanese Finance Minister Heizo Takenaka said Japan was threatened with an earthquake machine in the past. HONDA'S CLARITY RUNS ON WATER 50 MILES PER LITRE the raison d'etre for quake. CIA man Hifter leads the rebels in Libya. On Conspiracy Cafe we have the power. If you change the channel so will you.


In hyperinflation even toilet paper would have more intrinsic value. It has a minimum value.

Sandia's Z machine exceeds two billion degrees Kelvin

Scientists Drill a Mile Into Active Deep Sea Fault Zone

Chikyu drill prepares to pierce Earth's mantle

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