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Timecop S01E05 - Rocket Science

Timecop is an American science fiction television series. The show was broadcast on the ABC network and first aired in 1997. The series is based on the successful Jean-Claude Van Damme film, Timecop (1994) from Universal Studios, which was in turn inspired by the Dark Horse comic of the same name. Thirteen episodes of the series were ordered, but only nine episodes aired.

In 1996, the Los Angeles Times reported that ABC ordered a new prime-time series based on the 1994 science-fiction movie Time Cop. The pilot was written by Mark Verheiden.

The show was broadcast on the ABC network and first aired in 1997. The series featured an all-new cast and characters. The show focused on TEC agent Jack Logan who hunts down rogue time travelers and brings them to justice before they can alter the past.

Rocket Science

A future criminal takes a laptop full of advanced technical knowledge back to Nazi Germany. His plan is to alter who wins the war and make a ton of money as a result. To prove his faith, he plans to arm the first V2 rocket with a nuclear warhead. Can Logan stop him when he doesn't speak a word of German?

Altering the course of World War 2 was an inevitable story to appear in this show. It wasn't a matter of if, but when. Nazi Germany took over the whole of continental Europe and a good part of Africa and beyond before they were stopped.  

An interesting view of the war of the multiverse. What if since Eden, we have been fighting it?

Posted by George Freund on July 21, 2019 at 8:25 AM 113 Views