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  • DNA Frequency Bioweapon Links Targeted I...
    by George Freund on November 8, 2020 at 8:52 PM
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    Star Trek The Cage or Return To Tomorrow.

    Why they're testing for the COVID. They get your DNA and enslave you like you could never imagine. 

  • LINE IN THE SAND: The great minds assess...
    by Conspiracy Cafe on October 7, 2020 at 11:08 AM
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    Del Bigtree

    Pete Evans

    Mikki Willis

    Rocco Galati

    Susan Stanfield

    Michael Tellenger

    Zach Bush

    Sherri Tenpenny

    Dr Buttar

    Nurse Kate

    Dolores Cahill

    Mark Steele

    Dr Northrup

    Pam Popper


    Dr Lewis

    Tom Brown

    And many more


  • Castor Oil - Here Are 7 Things You Need ...
    by Conspiracy Cafe on September 30, 2020 at 12:45 PM
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  • Dr Carrie Madej Tells it like it is COVI...
    by George Freund on September 20, 2020 at 4:34 PM
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    The health APP on your SMART phone will be activated by the sensors placed in the vaccine. They will know everything about you from alcohol and drug use, to when you have sex, go to the bathroom, etc. Isn't that just a little bit too much information human chattel? They've had the technology for a few years now. Dr. Madej explains. 


    Fascist one worlders pulled the original. They are marked for retribution when their time comes as it always does in history. 

    by George Freund on September 20, 2020 at 11:38 AM
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    There was a media blackout on this latest Trafalgar Square protest in London. Dr. Kaufman was seen and heard via big screen. Video with subtitles courtesy of Spacebusters

  • The Charlie Kirk Show: Nine Doctors Spea...
    by Conspiracy Cafe on September 5, 2020 at 3:23 PM
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  • "Human 2.0"? A Wake-Up Call To The World...
    by George Freund on August 25, 2020 at 11:34 AM
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    History shows that the suppression of rights and freedoms leads to push back. In time an oppressed people lose their fear and unleashed like a coiled spring. The Bastille is a prime example as well as the end of Mussolini. The power of the mob cannot be stopped. The gamble that tech can do it is just such a gamble. The mob is ruthless. There is no stopping it either. So the great game is in play. We attach another link here. The people will not be mocked. Enjoy:

    by Conspiracy Cafe on July 28, 2020 at 1:39 PM
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    It's called CONTROL. We as a species have been captured into a narrative. There are various works required as reading; start from childhood. Chicken Little tells us not to fall to fear. Fear leads the flock to the pot. That's why it is the weapon of choice by the powers that be. We include the Bible and see that we are being behaviorally conditioned by the fear to the mark of the beast system whereby we are all enslaved by technology. Dystopian novels have discussed this for years. It is a not so Brave New World. It is 1984 and Animal Farm where the human herd is chipped and enslaved. It is War of the Worlds where the old radio program acted as a test to make people believe a narrative that defeats the free republic and turns it into a dystopian controlled state. Fear has done what no Stalin, Hitler or Mao could ever do defeat the United States and capture the world. It is the end of the Biblical age of flesh of blood to the age of the circuit and chip. This is the pathway to that end.

    I'm a host on Missouri's Power Hour Nation. Tune in. We're taking on the narrative.

    THE CURE: Glycyrrhizin, an active component of liquorice roots, and replication of SARS-associated coronavirus

    The Lancet reported this in 2003.

    Licorice Root: Potent Antiviral, Antimicrobial and Antifungal

    It is good for many things.


    Project G-2101: Pentagon biolab discovered MERS and SARS-like coronaviruses in bats

    However, what then seemed to me to be a local issue, turned out to be part of a bigger story. The Lugar Center in Georgia is just one of the many Pentagon biolaboratories in 25 countries across the world. They are funded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) under a $ 2.1 billion military program – Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP), and are located in former Soviet Union countries such as Georgia and Ukraine, the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa. Much of their work is classified and includes projects on bio-agents and pathogens with pandemic potential.

    Novel Coronaviruses

    The Lugar Center sparked controversy about possible dual-use research in 2018 when leaked documents revealed that US diplomats in Georgia were involved in trafficking of frozen human blood and pathogens for a secret military program.

    US diplomats involved in trafficking of human blood and pathogens for secret military program

    So this was a CIA organized crisis. Media will not report this. As Jesus said, we die from lack of knowledge.

    You can make your own quinine tonic from the rinds of grapefruit and other citrus. Simmer in water for 2 hours covered. Do not remove the lid. Let the contents cool. You get a tart citrus juice about 20% as strong as a pill. The bottom line is the human race is being stampeded into a trap. The trap offers the orchestrators power and profit. This is a covert war. We must win. These doctors are the true heroes. God bless them.

  • An Urgent Warning From Dr. Carrie Madej
    by Conspiracy Cafe on July 19, 2020 at 5:43 PM
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    In the video above, Dr. Carrie Madej discusses the dangers of vaccine Information on Covid19, nanotechnology, smartphone health apps, rDNA, rRNA, patenting GMO.

    She explains how the binary code works and how this can be used to genetically change our very DNA.

  • Toxic dog treats: What's killing so many...
    by Conspiracy Cafe on June 28, 2020 at 4:48 PM
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    Fighting for Fido | Originally broadcast September 28, 2012


    Thousands of dogs are ill or dying across North America and it's been going on for years. No one can say what, exactly, made the dogs sick. But owners say they fed their dogs a seemingly harmless product: a popular chicken jerky treat. We investigate.


    by Conspiracy Cafe on June 27, 2020 at 11:24 AM
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    Masks provide oxygen-deficient atmosphere according to OSHA standards

    Kelen McBreen | - JUNE 26, 2020

    Republican Ohio State Rep. Nino Vitale released a video showing a live experiment with students who placed an oxygen-reading device into their face masks to check if the levels were safe.

    Ohio Rep. Proves Face Masks Reduce Oxygen To Unsafe Levels

    Republican Ohio State Rep. Nino Vitale released a video showing a live experiment with students who placed an oxygen-reading device into their face masks to check if the levels were safe.

    Vitale began the video by explaining the device he was holding is an instant oxygen sensor that also senses other gases and beeps if the gas levels rise or fall to unsafe levels.

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) “considers any atmosphere with an oxygen level below 19.5 percent to be oxygen-deficient and immediately dangerous to life or health.”

    “We’re gonna bring in our first student because, of course, the public health experts are recommending we have our students wear masks,” Vitale said before placing the oxygen reader into the student’s face mask.

    The device immediately began beeping and upon reading the data, Vitale showed the camera an oxygen level of 17.0, which is well below the OSHA standard.

    Student number two wore an N95 mask and, once again, the oxygen-reading device started to beep almost immediately and showed a peak oxygen drop of 18.1.

    A third student, wearing a standard surgical mask, inserted the device and it beeped immediately with a 17.6 oxygen level reading.

    For those who are interested in the equipment used, Vitale told viewers the device is a GX-2009 Portable Multi-Gas Detector by RKI instruments.

    Another individual uploaded a similar video showing reduced oxygen levels when wearing a face mask, but it is being censored.

  • Common Mallow (Malva sylvestris) Winter...
    by Conspiracy Cafe on June 16, 2020 at 10:01 AM
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    Listed below are few of the health benefits of Common Mallow

    The link is very detailed. You can opt out of the cookies. They are nefarious digital spies. This is a good synopsis of the benefits.

    1. Digestive Issues

    For those people who feel backed up or unable to properly move their bowels, it can be an uncomfortable feeling. Using powerful laxatives can have a range of other effects on the body, but by steeping some seeds or dried leaves into a tea, you can create a mild laxative beverage that may regulate your digestive system and relieve any strain on that organ system. 

    2. Immune System Protection

    Common Mallow can also boost the immune system by preventing bacterial infections and other foreign agents to affect those wounded areas. This can also be achieved through consumption of Malva sylvestris leaves, seeds, and supplements.

    3. Anti-inflammatory Action

    If you have experienced any insect bites, large bruises, sunburn, or rashes on your skin, a gel or poultice made of Common Mallow can be very effective for reducing inflammation and swelling, while also stimulating more rapid healing. When using the essential oil or ingested varieties of Common Mallow, you can also apply it to joints and aches.

    4. Sleep Problems

    Mallow plant extract can be found in a variety of numbing, insomnia, anxiety and stress medications, and even in the anesthetics that dentists use. Various components of the plant help calm the nervous system and promote a sense of peace and relaxation. Research also demonstrated the effectiveness of mallow extract in the treatment of sleep disorders compared to the use of a drug similar to valium. If you suffer from sleep disorders and find it difficult to fall asleep at night, it is time to go out outdoors and pick some mallow to solve the problem. You can drink mallow tea before bedtime, or use the oil extracted from the plant.

    5. Respiratory Illnesses

    If you are suffering from any chest congestion or a respiratory condition, then using Common Mallow is a great idea. Not only can it increase expectoration, which can clear out the respiratory tracts, but it also soothes the throat and glands due to its anti-inflammatory aspects, while also promoting healing and more rapid recovery.

    6. Pain Relief

    Common Mallow is considering a popular pain reliever, particularly in topical applications. If you have been wounded or injured in some way on your skin, you can apply the leaves of Common Mallow in the form of a poultice to the affected area. Not only will the chemicals from the leaves help to speed healing, due to their rich vitamin content, but will also offer certain analgesic properties to the area, reducing pain and discomfort. This analgesic ability of the common mallow can be used in many ways throughout the body, both internally and externally. This also makes it a popular application in face masks or topical headache remedies. (6)

    7. Treats a cough, asthma and bronchitis

    Mallow consists of polysaccharides with antiviral and antiseptic properties that help treat respiratory disorders and a chronic dry cough. Active ingredients of the plant help to remove mucus from the throat and have a calming effect in addition to their ability to treat asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and other respiratory diseases. The German Food and Drug Administration have officially confirmed the healing properties of the plant and have approved the use of the drugs that contains mallow for the treatment of a sore throat and a dry cough.

    8. Treats infections, skin sores, and burns

    Anti-inflammatory components of mallow are effective in treating a variety of skin problems. The plant is used to soothe rashes, wounds, burns, insect bites and eczema, since the polysaccharides, which nourish and soothe the skin, are also slightly anesthetic. If you suffer from dry, irritated skin affected by weather, rubbing mallow extract infusion on your skin will soften and moisturize it naturally. To soothe redness, swelling, and tingling, applies the mallow extract tea directly to the irritated area, or to use a cloth soaked in the plant’s sap.

    9. Anti-aging properties and its use in natural cosmetics

    Use of home masks and facial creams that contain mallow plant extract are effective for the treatment of premature aging of the skin. Cosmetic companies use plant extracts in various cosmetic products such as soaps, makeup, and skin care products. The reason for this is that mallow is rich in components that fight free radicals which damage our skin cells and cause wrinkles. Additionally, vitamin A gives the skin a radiant and younger look. It is also effective for hair care and is suggested for use in people with fragile hair. Applying moisturizing essences or infusions to the skin can contribute greatly to its health and restore its elasticity and strength.

    10. Protects the gums from infections

    Mallow leaves consists of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory components that protect the gums and oral cavity from diseases and infection. Polyphenols present in the plant prevent the development of bacterial plaque by their ability to fight free radicals. Those of us who suffer from inflamed gums know that this is a disturbing and recurring phenomenon that affects our quality of life and many people find it difficult to find a permanent solution. Using mallow tea as a mouthwash may be a natural and effective way to treat the health of your oral cavity regularly.

    11. Prevents prostate cancer and strengthens the immune system

    Like other leafy greens, mallow is rich in chlorophyll, a green, anti-carcinogenic pigment that cleans our internal organs. Beyond its ability to prevent various types of cancer, it is particularly effective in preventing and healing prostate cancer. Researchers who studied the mallow plant discovered a substance called beta-sitosterol, which is known for its ability to prevent tumors in the prostate gland. Plant can be used as a preventative measure for people at risk of developing this cancer.

    12. Relieves constipation and irritable stomach

    Mallow’s polysaccharide mucilages cause relaxation and lubrication of the intestinal walls and better absorption of food. This substance also helps to reduce gastric acidity which causes stomach discomfort. Eating mallow or consuming the plant as a tea infusion helps people who suffer from constipation, irritable stomach, and intestinal cramps and need a soothing supplement. Additionally, the mallow is considered a laxative plant and is used in a variety of dietary supplements to relax and calm the stomach.

    13. Treatment of kidney stones and urinary tract infections

    Many people use cranberry juice as a means of reducing burning sensations, frequency, and urgency in urination and pain in the lower abdomen, but it is far from being the only natural remedy for this problem. Mallow plant is an excellent alternative to treating such problems because it has an anti-inflammatory component that helps in the healing of such infections. Mallow has another important feature in this context – it is a diuretic that helps clean up waste from the kidneys and prevents the development of stones in them.

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