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Back in the day we recorded in the studio at That Channel. We worked out of there for many years. We started as novices and slowly grew to be the top show. We had quite a few glitches and many success stories along the way. The greatest success was giving you a channel to change too. We stopped false flag terror in its tracks and read the codes of the Google doodles and saw the signs from a higher plane. That happened no where else. To our chagrin Blip TV has pulled the shows. We have recovered some. They will get their own channel now in this time capsule.

It started with Shaking a Spear with my mentor and friend Timothy Spearman

It progressed to Cosmic Horizons with James Haarp

Then I was on my own with Conspiracy Café. I wasn't really alone. Hugh, Randy, Blue and Aaron made it work. You were there too. That's what made it happen.

They are being reinserted over the next couple of months. You will find some already. You will find the rest over time. It is an arduous struggle the maintenance of freedom. The lies are exposed here. That makes evil feel threatened. The best books are banned or burned. The best videos are pulled as well. Every one is supported by evidence linked for your perusal. The enemies of freedom hate the truth because it sets us free, and they have determined us to be slaves. Click in this site and emancipate yourself.

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