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There is a genre of film that is neglected by many yet it is the essence of the trials and tribulations of real life. They have the ability to move the soul and inspire the heart by stimulating the brain with deeply rooted truths. I love them personally. Life is not a beer commercial. Life can be hard realities. The only really effective means of liberating our fellows is to highlight their plights on video. What a great blessing for all to participate in the process. In the photos below we see real issues facing humanity. How can we not be moved? ENJOY! 

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  • The Tragic Life Of Prince Charles Edward...
    by Conspiracy Cafe on January 25, 2021 at 7:49 PM
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    Charles Edward, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (Leopold Charles Edward George Albert, German: Leopold Carl Eduard Georg Albert; 19 July 1884 – 6 March 1954) was the last reigning duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha from 30 July 1900 until 1918. A male-line grandson of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, he was also until 1919 a Prince of the United Kingdom and from birth held the British titles of Duke of Albany, Earl of Clarence and Baron Arklow.

    Charles Edward on a 5 Mark coin from 1907

    Charles Edward was a controversial figure in the United Kingdom due to his status as the sovereign Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, which was part of the German Empire, during World War I. On 14 November 1918, however, after a revolution in Germany, he was forced to abdicate as Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and lost his rights to the ducal throne.

    In 1919, Charles Edward was deprived of his British peerages, his title of Prince and Royal Highness and his British honours for having fought in the German Army (eventually as a General) during WWI; he was labelled a "traitor peer".

    The Duke and Duchess of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, 11 October 1905.

    Charles Edward later joined the Nazi Party as well as the Sturmabteilung (SA, or Brownshirts), in which he reached the position of Obergruppenführer. Charles Edward served in a number of positions in Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 1940s, including President of the German Red Cross from 1933–45. He was the maternal grandfather of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and the younger brother of Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone.

    After paying the fines imposed by the denazification court and losing properties to the Soviet army, he died in poverty in 1954.


    Records indicate that Charles Edward received a monthly payment of 4,000 Reichsmark (worth about £16,000 in 2015) from the Führer.

    In 1940, Charles Edward travelled via Moscow and Japan to the US, where he met President Roosevelt at the White House. In 1943, at Hitler's behest, Charles Edward asked the International Red Cross to investigate the Katyn massacre.

    Charles Edward was imprisoned until 1946. He was originally charged with crimes against humanity and the trial was held. Although he was exonerated of complicity in actual war crimes, he was judged to have been "an important Nazi". Only his failing health saved him from remaining in prison. Another factor for leniency towards him was that in April 1946, his daughter Sibylla had given birth to a son, the future King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, who became, upon birth, third-in-line to the Swedish throne. In January 1947, Sybilla's husband died in a plane crash, and in October 1950, King Gustaf V of Sweden died, at which point Charles Edward's grandson became the Crown Prince of Sweden.

    More than twenty years after his death in indigent circumstances, his grandson became King of Sweden as King Carl XVI Gustaf.

    His younger daughter, Princess Caroline Mathilde claimed that her father had sexually abused her. The allegation was backed by one of her brothers.

    by Conspiracy Cafe on January 24, 2021 at 1:45 PM
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    For English click on the little head option 2.

    Ancient Aliens is an American television series that premiered on April 20, 2010, on the History channel. Produced by Prometheus Entertainment in a documentary style, the program presents hypotheses of ancient astronauts and proposes that historical texts, archaeology, and legends contain evidence of past human-extraterrestrial contact. The show has been widely criticized by historians, cosmologists and other scientific circles for presenting and promoting pseudoscience and pseudohistory.

    34 3 "The Greys" February 24, 2012

    This episode focuses upon the so-called Greys, alleged alien beings characterized as having pale skin and big round heads with large black eyes, and connected within the last century to supposed alien abductions and UFO-related cases such as the Roswell incident. It also proposes that the Greys may have contacted human cultures in the distant past, such as the Hopi Indians and the Sumerians, and these events have been preserved in various ancient writings, sculptures and cave paintings.

  • Prince John The Windsors Tragic Secret
    by Conspiracy Cafe on January 23, 2021 at 3:45 PM
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    Prince John of the United Kingdom (John Charles Francis; 12 July 1905 - 18 January 1919) was the fifth son and youngest of the six children of King George V and Queen Mary. At the time of Prince John's birth, his father was the Prince of Wales and heir apparent to the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom, King Edward VII. In 1910, the Prince of Wales succeeded to the throne upon Edward VII's death and Prince John became fifth in the line of succession to the British throne.

    In 1909, Prince John was discovered to have epilepsy. As his condition deteriorated, he was sent to live at Sandringham House and was kept away from the public eye. There, he was cared for by his governess, "Lala" Bill, and befriended local children whom his mother had gathered to be his playmates. Prince John died at Sandringham in 1919, following a severe seizure, and was buried at nearby St Mary Magdalene Church. His illness was disclosed to the wider public only after his death.

    Prince John's alleged seclusion has subsequently been brought forward as evidence for the inhumanity of the royal family. However, records show that he was in some ways given favourable treatment by his parents, in comparison with his siblings. Furthermore, Prince John's apparent seclusion would have enabled him to be himself and explore his own niches away from royal life. Contrary to the belief that he was hidden from the public from an early age, Prince John for most of his life had the role of a fully-fledged member of the family, appearing frequently in public until after his eleventh birthday, when his condition became severe.


    by Conspiracy Cafe on January 22, 2021 at 2:45 PM
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    Operation Trust (операция “Трест” was a counterintelligence operation of the State Political Directorate (GPU) of the Soviet Union. The operation, which was set up by GPU’s predecessor Cheka, ran from 1921 to 1926, set up a fake anti-Bolshevik resistance organization, “Monarchist Union of Central Russia”, MUCR (Монархическое объединение Центральной России, МОЦP), in order to help the OGPU identify real monarchists and anti-Bolsheviks. The created front company was called the Moscow Municipal Credit Association.

    The head of the MUCR was Alexander Yakushev (Александр Александрович Якушев}, a former bureaucrat of the Ministry of Communications of Imperial Russia, who after the Russian Revolution joined the Narkomat of External Trade (Наркомат внешней торговли}, when the Soviets began to allow the former specialists (called “spetsy”, Russian: спецы;) to resume the positions of their expertise. This position allowed him to travel abroad and contact Russian emigrants.

    MUCR kept the monarchist general Alexander Kutepov (Александр Кутепов;) from active actions, as he was convinced to wait for the development of internal anti-Bolshevik forces. Kutepov had previously believed in militant action as a solution to the Soviet occupation, and had formed the “combat organization”, a militant splinter from the Russian All-Military Union (Russian: Русский Обще-Воинский Союз, Russkiy ObshcheVoinskiy Soyuz) led by General Baron Pyotr Nikolayevich Wrangel. Kutepov also created the Inner Line as a counter-intelligence organization to prevent Bolshevik penetrations. It caused the Cheka some problems but was not overly successful.

    Among the successes of Trust was the luring of Boris Savinkov and Sidney Reilly into the Soviet Union, where they were captured.

    The Soviets did not organize Trust from scratch. The White Army had left sleeper agents, and there were also Royalist Russians who did not leave after the Civil War. These people cooperated to the point of having a loose organizational structure. When the OGPU discovered them, they did not liquidate all of them, but manoeuvred into creating a shell organization for their own use.

    Still another episode of the operation was an “illegal” trip (in fact, monitored by OGPU) of a notable émigré, Vasily Shulgin, into the Soviet Union. After his return he published a book “Three Capitals” with his impressions. In the book he wrote, in part, that contrary to his expectations, Russia was reviving, and the Bolsheviks would probably be removed from power.

    The one Western historian who had limited access to the Trust files, John Costello, reported that they comprised thirty-seven volumes and were such a bewildering welter of double-agents, changed code names, and interlocking deception operations with “the complexity of a symphonic score”, that Russian historians from the Intelligence Service had difficulty separating fact from fantasy.

    Defector Vasili Mitrokhin reported that the Trust files were not housed at the SVR offices in Yasenevo, but were kept in the special archival collections (spetsfondi) of the FSB at the Lubyanka.

    In 1967 a Soviet adventure TV series Operation Trust (Операция “Трест”;) was created.

    by Conspiracy Cafe on January 21, 2021 at 10:29 AM
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    We reveal how one of the biggest fake news stories ever concocted — the 1984 AIDS-is-a-biological-weapon hoax — went viral in the pre-internet era. Meet the KGB operatives who invented it and the “truth squad” that quashed it. For a bit.



  • The Jonestown Massacre: Paradise Lost
    by Conspiracy Cafe on January 15, 2021 at 4:51 PM
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    This feature-length docudrama tracks the final build-up to a horrific doomsday: the infamous mass murder and suicides of Jim Jones’ cult followers in the jungles of Guyana, where over 900 men, women and children died on November 18th, 1978.

    Using extensive dramatic re-enactments, newly-released U.S. government information, as well as archival footage and interviews, Jonestown: Paradise Lost goes beyond ‘official reality’ to take the viewer deep into the inner workings of this monstrous cult and its apocalyptic end.



    One of the most infamous assassinations in American history happened on November 27, 1978 at City Hall in San Francisco. It was a notorious day of infamy that haunts the entire nation today.

    For me it started with an innocuous reference of Senator Dianne Feinstein having a concealed carry permit back in those days. I mean the top gun banners of the United States were packing heat. Then I stumbled on the above history lesson to review. Having studied many murders and assassinations, the patterns were keenly understood. I watched the movie Milk and saw them dramatized.

    We are led to believe that Dan White was angry after not being reinstated to the Board of Supervisors after resigning. He surreptitiously entered City Hall above and searched out Mayor Moscone and Harvey Milk and shot both of them. Diane Feinstein was near by and entered both offices and tended to both men plugging the bullet holes with her fingers a noble deed. However, they were both already dead. You see there were two distinct wound patterns and two different types of bullets used. The smell test starts.


    We see the democratic party was controlled by Jim Jones. Kamala Harris was mentored by Willie Brown. Willie Brown was mentored by Jim Jones. They're rolling out the 'vaccine.' You are being pressured to take it. History repeats with an mRNA Kool Aid. You will be frightened, intimidated and pressured to take it. The test was good in Jonestown. RESIST! RESIST! RESIST! It's cult programming. Tomorrow the WORLD!

  • Four Days in Occupied Western Sahara - A...
    by Conspiracy Cafe on December 27, 2020 at 5:53 PM
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    In this exclusive broadcast, Democracy Now! breaks the media blockade and goes to occupied Western Sahara in the northwest of Africa to document the decades-long Sahrawi struggle for freedom and Morocco's violent crackdown. Morocco has occupied the territory since 1975 in defiance of the United Nations and the international community. Thousands have been tortured, imprisoned, killed and disappeared while resisting the Moroccan occupation. A 1,700-mile wall divides Sahrawis who remain under occupation from those who fled into exile. The international media has largely ignored the occupation—in part because Morocco has routinely blocked journalists from entering Western Sahara. But in late 2016 Democracy Now! managed to get into the Western Saharan city of Laayoune, becoming the first international news team to report from the occupied territory in years.

  • ANCIENT ALIENS S4 EP2 The Doomsday Proph...
    by Conspiracy Cafe on November 18, 2020 at 11:46 AM
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    For English click on the little head option 3.

    Ancient Aliens is an American television series that premiered on April 20, 2010, on the History channel. Produced by Prometheus Entertainment in a documentary style, the program presents hypotheses of ancient astronauts and proposes that historical texts, archaeology, and legends contain evidence of past human-extraterrestrial contact. The show has been widely criticized by historians, cosmologists and other scientific circles for presenting and promoting pseudoscience and pseudohistory.

    33 2 "The Doomsday Prophecies" February 17, 2012

    This episode looks at the Maya civilization and their advanced knowledge of mathematics and timekeeping. It presents theories as to why the Maya backdated the 5125-year long-count calendar to 3114 BC (over 3,000 years before their civilization began) and what could happen after it ends December 21, 2012. Discussed are two artifacts, Tortuguero monument six and a Comalcalco mud brick, that may suggest the return of a star god Bolon Yokte; the Popol Vuh creation myths; the Chilam Balam manuscripts; and the monuments of Tikal (which is suggested to have been built to mimic the Pleiades cluster); and Chichen Itza, dedicated to the return of the Maya god Kukulkan.

  • The mysterious loss of HMAS Sydney (D48)...
    by Conspiracy Cafe on November 15, 2020 at 11:07 AM
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    HMAS Sydney, named after the Australian city of Sydney, was one of three modified Leander-class light cruisers operated by the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). Ordered for the Royal Navy as HMS Phaeton, the cruiser was purchased by the Australian government and renamed prior to her 1934 launch.

    During the early part of her operational history, Sydney helped enforce sanctions during the Abyssinian crisis, and at the start of World War II was assigned to convoy escort and patrol duties in Australian waters. In May 1940, Sydney joined the British Mediterranean Fleet for an eight-month deployment, during which she sank two Italian warships, participated in multiple shore bombardments, and provided support to the Malta Convoys, while receiving minimal damage and no casualties. On her return to Australia in February 1941, Sydney resumed convoy escort and patrol duties in home waters.

    On 19 November 1941, Sydney was involved in a mutually destructive engagement with the German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran, and was lost with all hands (645 aboard). The wrecks of both ships were lost until 2008; Sydney was found on 17 March, five days after her adversary. Sydney's defeat is commonly attributed to the proximity of the two ships during the engagement, and Kormoran's advantages of surprise and rapid, accurate fire. However, the cruiser's loss with all hands compared to the survival of most of the Germans has resulted in conspiracy theorists alleging that the German commander used illegal ruses to lure Sydney into range, that a Japanese submarine was involved, and that the true events of the battle are concealed behind a wide-ranging cover-up, despite the lack of evidence for these allegations.

    That's rich. Do you think the lack of evidence might have something to do with the fact the evidence is covered by The Official Secrets Act FOREVER?

    My comment the algorthim pulls almost immediately.

    If this was a normal battle from war, there would be no need to hide things under the cloak of The Official Secrets Acts of the nations involved. They mention the 75 year original. However, then the Australian government decided to keep the details secret FOREVER. There must be a monumental lie to cover up. Some of the opinions outlined in the comments say believe the Germans. To a degree I do. They state very clearly they never fired a torpedo. The best evidence is the wreck now that it is discovered.

    The damage was catastrophic. The Germans are in enemy controlled waters thousands of miles from home. It would be quite logical to meet up with the Japanese submarine or submarines lying on station. Standing forces are standard operating procedures. My country is in standing force Atlantic.

    Therefore, the only source for the torpedo would be the Japanese submarine. They had the long lance torpedo which was a very effective long range one. If it was announced the Japanese committed an act of war prior to Pearl Harbor, the Pacific theater should have been on full alert not sleeping at dawn December 7th.

    The Germans are lying here at points too. One of them turns and looks away all the time when saying something crucial. If you are trained in investigations, you'd pick up on that right away. The German sailors were ordered not to reveal what really happened. You must remember they were in Hitler's Germany. Having your family strung up by piano wire was the truth telling option. There could be no survivors from Sydney. Any one would attract national media attention. Those that survived were murdered and perhaps not even by Germans. That's how important the attack on Pearl was to the war effort.

    In Day of Deceit by Robert Stinnett the last surviving member of Admiral Kimmel's staff at Pearl, he publishes declassified orders from Gen. George Marshall ordering the military forces at Pearl to not repeat not fire on the Japanese.

    Military strategy requires sacrifice when starting and maintaining a war. From remember the Maine to remember Pearl Harbor the lust for war is created and exacerbated. It is no quantum leap. You know the truth of what they won't tell you by the degree to which they hide it. Plato said the state was the only entity permitted to lie. Churchill said the truth was so precious it was protected by a bodyguard of lies. We cannot know it because it will set us free, and we are mandated to be kept as slaves to these lies. They may call it statecraft.

    What happened at Pearl was one of the major lies unleashed upon the world. There are others I call Rosetta stones of deceit. The assassination of JFK and then RFK and Dr. Martin Luther King are a cluster of them. Then there is 9/11 and the Brit's 7/7 to a lesser degree. The latest is the COVID lie. Pentagon Project 2101 cannot become part of the dialogue and will not be a talking point on TV. There are 25 secret labs involved. The one in Tbilisi, Georgia has been unmasked. American diplomats carried the dreaded plague under diplomatic cover to Wuhan, and yes they tested it on bats. 

    The lie creates the power base to give control to various unsavory elements that dominate the world. Though I detest the process, FDR and Churchill were faced with no other viable option. The vast majority of Americans were against a foreign war. That changed in a few hours to almost 100% in favor. That is the whip that gets the people in line with the interests of our leaders. We usually only have to be whipped once well. Then we fall in line. But to end war once and for all mandates we find and tell the truth. To that end the noble try.

    The other big lie was the loss of the USS Juneau. They were left in the water too. The captain spent time in Newfoundland during a FDR Churchill conference. USS Indianapolis was FDR's floating station. Dead men tell no tales. Live ones must do it for them.

  • The Death Railway That Killed 100,000 | ...
    by Conspiracy Cafe on October 29, 2020 at 7:45 PM
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    Moving Half The Mountain documents the true stories of the survivors from one of the worst atrocities of the Second World War the brutal use of prisoners (POWs) and forced local labour by the Japanese to build a railway linking Thailand to Burma. These men are now in their twilight years but their memories are as clear as though it were yesterday.

    The Burma Railway, also known as the Death Railway, the Siam–Burma Railway, the Thai–Burma Railway and similar names, is a 415-kilometre (258 mi) railway between Ban Pong, Thailand and Thanbyuzayat, Burma, built by the Empire of Japan from 1940–1944 to supply troops and weapons in the Burma campaign of World War II. This railway completed the rail link between Bangkok, Thailand and Rangoon, Burma. The name used by the Japanese Government is Thai–Men-Rensetsu-Tetsudou (泰緬連接鉄道;), which means Thailand-Burma-Link-Railway.

    The Thai portion of the railway continues to exist, with three trains crossing the original bridge twice daily bound from Bangkok to the current terminus at Nam Tok. Most of the Burmese portion of the railroad (the spur from the Thai border that connects to the Burma main line to Moulmein) fell into disrepair decades ago and has not seen service since.

    Between 180,000 and 250,000 Allied prisoners of war were subjected to forced labour during its construction. About 16,000 Allied prisoners died.


  • Christopher Columbus Documentary
    by Conspiracy Cafe on October 14, 2020 at 9:48 PM
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    2006 documentary by WGBH on the life and travels of Christopher Columbus.

    Christopher Columbus[a] (/kəˈlʌmbəs/;[3] Latin: Christophorus Columbus; Ligurian: Cristoffa Corombo; Italian: Cristoforo Colombo; Spanish: Cristóbal Colón; between 25 August and 31 October 1451 – 20 May 1506) was an explorer and navigator who completed four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean, opening the way for European exploration and colonization of the Americas. His expeditions, sponsored by the Catholic Monarchs of Spain, were the first European contact with the Caribbean, Central America, and South America.

    Scholars generally agree that Columbus was born in the Republic of Genoa and spoke a dialect of Ligurian as his first language. He went to sea at a young age and travelled widely, as far north as the British Isles and as far south as what is now Ghana. He married Portuguese noblewoman Filipa Moniz Perestrelo and was based in Lisbon for several years, but later took a Castilian mistress; he had one son with each woman. Though largely self-educated, Columbus was widely read in geography, astronomy, and history. He formulated a plan to seek a western sea passage to the East Indies, hoping to profit from the lucrative spice trade. Following Columbus's persistent lobbying to multiple kingdoms, Catholic monarchs Queen Isabella I and King Ferdinand II agreed to sponsor a journey west. Columbus left Castile in August 1492 with three ships, and made landfall in the Americas on 12 October (ending the period of human habitation in the Americas now referred to as the pre-Columbian era). His landing place was an island in the Bahamas, known by its native inhabitants as Guanahani. Columbus subsequently visited the islands now known as Cuba and Hispaniola, establishing a colony in what is now Haiti: the first European settlement in the Americas since the Norse colonies nearly 500 years earlier. He arrived back in Castile in early 1493, bringing a number of captive natives with him. Word of his voyages soon spread throughout Europe.

    Columbus made three further voyages to the New World, exploring the Lesser Antilles in 1493, Trinidad and the northern coast of South America in 1498, and the eastern coast of Central America in 1502. Many of the names he gave to geographical features—particularly islands—are still in use. He continued to seek a passage to the East Indies, and the extent to which he was aware that the Americas were a wholly separate landmass is uncertain. He never clearly renounced his belief that he had reached the Far East and gave the name indios ("Indians") to the indigenous peoples he encountered. As a colonial governor, Columbus was accused by his contemporaries of significant brutality and was soon removed from the post. Columbus's strained relationship with the Crown of Castile and its appointed colonial administrators in America led to his arrest and removal from Hispaniola in 1500, and later to protracted litigation over the benefits that he and his heirs claimed were owed to them by the crown. Columbus's expeditions inaugurated a period of exploration, conquest, and colonization that lasted for centuries, helping create the modern Western world. The transfers between the Old World and New World that followed his first voyage are known as the Columbian exchange.

    Columbus was widely venerated in the centuries after his death, but public perception has fractured in recent decades as scholars give greater attention to the harm committed under his governance, particularly the near-extermination of Hispaniola's indigenous Taíno population from mistreatment and European diseases, as well as their enslavement. Proponents of the Black Legend theory of history claim that Columbus has been unfairly maligned as part of a wider anti-Catholic sentiment. Many landmarks and institutions in the Western Hemisphere bear his name, including the country of Colombia and the District of Columbia.


    Replicas of Niña, Pinta and Santa María sailed from Spain to the Chicago Columbian Exposition in 1893

  • ANCIENT ALIENS S4 EP1 The Mayan Conspira...
    by Conspiracy Cafe on October 10, 2020 at 3:28 PM
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    For English click on the little head option 3.

    Ancient Aliens is an American television series that premiered on April 20, 2010, on the History channel. Produced by Prometheus Entertainment in a documentary style, the program presents hypotheses of ancient astronauts and proposes that historical texts, archaeology, and legends contain evidence of past human-extraterrestrial contact. The show has been widely criticized by historians, cosmologists and other scientific circles for presenting and promoting pseudoscience and pseudohistory.

    32 1 "The Mayan Conspiracy" February 17, 2012

    This episode suggests that the ancient Maya were given their knowledge of mathematics and astronomy by extraterrestrials. It alleges advanced city engineering despite the use of metal tools and the wheel; knowledge of celestial events (such as pole shifts) thousands of years before the culture began; and a complex writing system only understood by the rulers and clerics among them. Featured artifacts include the sarcophagus lid of Palenque's King Pakal, who is said to be piloting a rocket ship; the La Venta Olmec heads suggested to represent African people in flight helmets; and the feathered serpent god Kukulkan possibly depicted elsewhere in the world as the Naga and Chinese dragon.

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