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The news is probably one of the most managed things you'll come across. In the battle for hearts and minds, it's your mind ther're after to plant seeds of destruction to win your very soul never mind destroy your life or livelihood. You have the power to stop them any time you wish. All you have to do is change the channel. We aspire to give you at least a fighting chance to alter the course of history by turning OFF the propagenda. Of course you can wait for the mind control prestitutes. After it's on the FRONT PAGE, IT'S TOO LATE!!

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  • Scientists Aren't Going to Tell You This...
    by Conspiracy Cafe on August 13, 2018 at 2:42 AM
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    Published on Apr 6, 2018

    There are now five different lines of observational evidence pointing to the existence of Planet Nine," said Konstantin Batygin, a planetary astrophysicist at Caltech in Pasadena.

    Some of these clues relate to the gravitational tug of Planet Nine, which appears to be disturbing the distant Kuiper Belt, which is made up of icy objects and stretches from Neptune out into deep space.

    Its believed Planet Nine is a "super-Earth", the name for a type of large world which appears to be very common in the universe.

    Doom-mongers have consistently claimed that a hidden world called Nibiru will crash into Earth.

    Nasa has denied this theory, previously writing: "The planet in question, Niburu, doesn't exist, so there will be no collision.

    "The story of Niburu has been around for years (as has the 'days of darkness' tale) and is periodically recycled into new apocalyptic fables."

    However, it's feared Planet Nine will eventually destroy the solar system by causing a devastating "death dance".

    It could one day hurtle through our solar system, sending planets “pinballing” into outer space or plunging into the Sun.

  • The Demise of America (with Paul William...
    by George Freund on August 11, 2018 at 5:07 PM
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    Published on Aug 9, 2018

    On this episode of The Conspiracy Show, Richard welcomes Paul Williams: a former consultant with the FBI who has investigated the root causes of globalist power, secret societies and radical islamic terrorism. These are issues that seek to destroy the United States of America, but Uncle Sam is not dead, yet! Hear the solutions to current problems and how to defeat the Deep State.

  • Dr. Michelle Cretella on Transgenderism
    by George Freund on August 8, 2018 at 6:12 PM
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    Published on Nov 14, 2017

    A Mental Illness is Not a Civil Right

    Read the full interview:

    TFP Student Action interviews Dr. Michelle Cretella, M.D., president of the American College of Pediatricians. She debunks the lies behind transgender ideology with sound science and denounces the new wave of child abuse caused by the transgender movement.

    2 minute highlight

    To understand transgender one must understand where biotech is taking us. We are to be merged with robotics and artificial intelligence under the promise of eternal life. As part machine there will only be the need for the illusion of gender and no need to reproduce. Think of the future world as the Borg in Star Trek. We will all serve the collective without free will or independent thought. Welcome to the New World Order. You will get fried with that.

  • [MIRROR] The Simulation Theory We Must T...
    by Conspiracy Cafe on August 6, 2018 at 9:57 PM
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    Published on Jan 14, 2018

  • Dave Janda - 12 Attempts on President Tr...
    by George Freund on August 5, 2018 at 11:37 AM
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    Greg Hunter

    Published on Aug 4, 2018

    Dr. Dave Janda host of the popular radio show “Operation Freedom” says, “There have been 12 attempts on President Trump’s life.” This is a story that has not been released to the mainstream press and Janda says it will not stop the first wave of indictments for the people who tried to illegally remove president trump from office in a failed coup. Dr. Janda also says the very top people in the New World Order, such as the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, will not escape justice. Dr. Janda says, “If that doesn’t happen, then nothing will have changed.”

    In closing, Janda says there is some very good news coming. Janda contends, “I truly believe our country will be far better off, freedoms and liberties restored and a way of life restored that is not a two-tiered system that has one set of rules for players for the Deep State and one set of rules for the 99.9% of us. The country will be far better off, every American will be far better off and the world will be far better off.”

    Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Dave Janda of “Operation Freedom.”

  • David Icke - The Archons
    by Conspiracy Cafe on August 4, 2018 at 10:01 AM
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    David Icke Published on Sep 19, 2016

    Fake news?

    False flags?


    Name your poison

    by Conspiracy Cafe on August 2, 2018 at 11:58 AM
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    Published on Jul 26, 2018 I interview Deborah Tavares about her investigations into the California Fires, Weather wars and Agenda 21.

  • Canadian media hides Toronto shooter's l...
    by Conspiracy Cafe on July 31, 2018 at 8:59 AM
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    On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, I reported on the media's coverage of terrorist Faisal Hussain's shooting rampage in Toronto.

    Cellphone footage from the shooting shows that Hussain was calm, cool, and capable of using a weapon like a trained assassin.

    He was quickly identified by law enforcement who claimed he was "known to police", but they decline to use his name.

    It took nearly 24 hours for Faisal Hussain's name to be publicized and it happened at the same time a Muslim reporter at the CBC, Shanifa Nasser, published an unsigned letter purportedly from the terrorist’s family.

    How did Hussain get a gun? Who trained him to use one with such proficiency? What does CSIS know about him?

    The mainstream media isn't going to ask, they're too busy trying to get The Rebel to shut up and stop doing their job.

  • Most People Don't Even Realize What's Co...
    by George Freund on July 16, 2018 at 10:40 AM
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    Will you get lost in the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Most people I asked don't even know what that is, but it's happening all around us right now. This system is about technological evolution... evolving us. Please support our work on Patreon, read our goals here:

  • David Wilcock leaving GAIA over "Lucifer...
    by Conspiracy Cafe on July 14, 2018 at 5:20 PM
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    (Natural News) According to numerous media reports and a leaked email, David Wilcock of is leaving GAIA TV over some rather sharp disagreements, including what Wilcock describes as a "Luciferian" agenda involving the GAIA show called Ancient Civilizations.

    In the video below, I offer a detailed analysis of David Wilcock’s complaints against GAIA, along with some kind words about Wilcock’s overall work (and his interest in awakening humanity to many topics). We’ve never covered David Wilcock before, but he’s been an influential lecturer, speaker and filmmaker on many topics of interest to curious minds.

    I don’t have any particular beef with GAIA, by the way, and in fact I filmed 12 episodes with GAIA TV several years ago, working with Ed Group. I was treated very kindly and fairly and have no personal complaints whatsoever against GAIA. I didn’t continue filming with them simply because I got busy with other projects, and their “GAIA TV” launch was still in its early stages, without much viewership at that time.

    Because of the volatile nature of the subject matter here, I’m inviting GAIA TV as well as David Wilcock to reply to Natural News, if they wish, with any clarifying statements or videos they’d like to make public. I’m also inviting David Wilcock to launch a channel on and post whatever videos he’s like to get out to the public, free from the censorship of YouTube and the contractual controls of GAIA (or anyone else).

    Every topic is acceptable for Wilcock to discuss on Nothing is out of bounds, which is the whole point of launching a video site that isn’t controlled by evil techno-tyranny pushers like Google.

    Here’s my full video report on David Wilcock leaving GAIA.

    GAIA is a Roman goddess

    It's a funny thing. I've argued till I've been blue in the face with the devotees of the GAIA philosophy on several points. First and foremost was the Luciferian infiltration. Many facets of their mantra reek of it so I never trusted anything coming out of the operation. David Wilcock was used as their ultimate source. Well there we have it. The Grand Vizier has spoken. They were infiltrated with Luciferians. However, there could be another rationale. He could be the Luciferian destroying the movement. Either way the false path so many have been seduced into is exposed as just that. In spite of great pressure including great loses I remained firm using Aristotle's laws of logic as a discernment tool. Cults just demand blind obedience from their followers. They were a big one. I refuse to submit to blind obedience as a rule. Like many false fronts they talk a good agenda while working for the dark side. They've operated like that for thousands of years under one guise or another. Hopefully the victims are able to restore themselves to some sort of balance. I would further hope they be leery of false prophets. They're everywhere masquerading as angels of light.

    by George Freund on July 11, 2018 at 7:02 PM
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    Woman Found Dead in Home of Hillary Clinton's Aide

    Body discovered in garbage chute of home belonging to Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin

    The dead body of a woman in her 40s has been found in the home of Hillary Clinton's top aide, Huma Abedin.

    The unidentified female was discovered inside the trash compactor of the New York home belonging to Clinton sidekick Abedin and her husband, disgraced former Congressman, and convicted pedophile Anthony Weiner.

    Police say there are awaiting the medical examiner's report to determine the death of the woman believed to be in her late 40s.

    Police were called to Weiner and Abedin's building at 1 Irving Place in Union Square, Manhatten, just before 5 pm on Tuesday evening.

    Read more at:

    by Conspiracy Cafe on July 10, 2018 at 7:02 PM
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    Nikki Haley signs measure to track every gun in America

    David Knight | - JULY 9, 2018

    It was what Fast & Furious and the Gunwalker false flags were about — Now the UN Arms Treaty is back and the US, under UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, has signed on to the measure to track every gun in the US.

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