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The great financial collapse may be covered over by the coming Syrian conflict which is an obvious ruse. While Conspiracy Cafe deals with the geo-political issues, we can't leave you on your own. There may be questions you have about the issues of the day. If you've been with us a long time, remember our Christmas special on surviving a nuclear calamity. If the unthinkable ever happened, you'd have to be everything. Co-operation is the key. We pray we never get to that point. 



"But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the Faith and is worse than an unbeliever." 1 Timothy 5:8

Bugging out was even spoken of in the days of Noah. Preparation was clearly understood. The birds did it. The bees did it. What's stopping you? 

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  • Cozy Log Cabin- How I built it for less ...
    by George Freund on November 27, 2013 at 3:01 PM
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    This simple, but cozy bush cabin was constructed in my spare time, and was completed in 8 months. My youth group, and several people from my church were a huge help. I wouldn't have been able to complete it so quickly without them.

    Of course there are things that I can, and could have done, to make sure this cabin lasts 100+ years:

    1- The logs could have been debarked before I used them.

    2- In the future I can jack the cabin up and put it on footings so that the logs will be kept off the ground.

    3- In the future I can put a metal roof on, to replace the tarp.


    So why didn't I just do the above 3 things right away? I was under a strict time & budget constraint. I only had $500 and I had exactly 8 months to complete the cabin (it's a long story). Although I had a lot of people who helped on various occasions, I worked alone most of the time, often in temperatures of -30, with only a chainsaw, an axe, and my arms. Although I had to take a couple of shortcuts (because of my constraints), I do not regret any decision I made in the cabin's construction. If I chose to build the cabin exactly the way I wanted it to be built, I wouldn't have been able to build it at all. In the future, I plan to build a bigger log home. And when I do, I will be sure to take the time to build the cabin exactly the way it needs to be built.


    Cabin details:

    - I have no previous experience in construction, only a passion to learn and build.

    - The cabin is 10'x10'. While the roof section is 11'x16'

    - It has 52 logs, approximately 25 inches in circumference at the base. I left them with the bark on.

    - It only cost me $15 worth of gas, and $30 worth of oil to build the entire cabin with my chainsaw.

    - The floor is set on 9 patio stones, with 2"x4"s for support, and 2.25" thick rough-cut Poplar floor boards on top.

    - I made square notches in the logs, which I found to be a sturdy way to fit the logs together.

    - We didn't use any machinery (except for a chainsaw). Just good ol' fashioned man power.

    - I used a heavy-duty tarp to cover the roof.

    - To fill the gaps between the logs I used brown-coloured insulation. Not the best way to fill the gaps, but it's certainly cheap, quick, and efficient.

    - Since the cabin is small, I didn't place it on any footings. The logs are sitting directly on the level ground. I'll see in the years to come, how well the cabin holds up. But it's already lasted through a whole winter and spring without shifting, which is good.

  • SAS - Survival Secrets: Counter Terroris...
    by George Freund on November 16, 2013 at 8:40 AM
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    This is the full episode of the Counter Terrorist scenario of the SAS Survival Secrets TV-Series by Eddie Stone and John McAleese (Both former SAS with years of experience). The episode is uncut.

    This episode is also a bit of a history lesson since the SAS was born in the fire of the Iranian Embassy Siege in London in 1980. 

  • Sovereign Living The Reality Show Episod...
    by George Freund on October 21, 2013 at 10:40 AM
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    Sovereign Living is a docu-reality tv show that follows the Blush family as they transition from a lifestyle of hardcore political activism to the farm life. Rather than fighting a system they find tyrannical, John and Cat want to lead by example and live a sovereign lifestyle. This means providing their own food, water, energy and community defense needs. In an age of large governmental influence, the Blush family aims to explore and learn about how they can take care of themselves and their community, voluntarily.

    Themes include: Self-sufficiency Resolving crime without police Alternative economies Alternative education Home birth Natural health

    Check out the Indiegogo Campaign here:

  • SAS Survival Secrets - Behind enemy line...
    by George Freund on October 18, 2013 at 7:53 PM
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    Features a recreation of a typical SAS mission. Eddie Stone and other veterans further explain their weaponry, combat evasions and survival tactics.

  • SAS - Survival Secrets: Behind Enemy Lin...
    by George Freund on October 14, 2013 at 7:24 PM
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    This is the full first episode of the SAS (Special Air Service) operating in a fictional environment behind enemy lines. This is an amazing training film on escape and evasion tactics. Towards the end observe the medic treating mass casualties. An explosive swells the voice box due to burns. In a terror attack in Nairobi you can be interviewed on the radio. Hmmm?

  • Shooting SVT-40 WW2 Tokarev Soviet rifle...
    by George Freund on October 13, 2013 at 9:10 AM
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    Shooting this 71 year old 7.62x54r semi-auto rifle for the first time. 1941 Tula arsenal SVT-40.

    SVT-40 Field Strip

    These rifles are all over the surplus market at the present time. You get a lot of bang for your buck.

    The SVT-40 is a Soviet semi-automatic battle rifle which saw widespread service during and after World War II. It was intended to be the new service rifle of the Soviet Red Army but the introduction of the SVT-40 was disrupted by the German invasion in 1941, resulting in a switch back to the older Mosin-Nagant bolt-action rifle for the duration. After the war, new rifles, the SKS and the AK-47, were adopted as Soviet service rifles instead. The abbreviation SVT-40 means Samozaryadnaya Vintovka Tokareva, Obrazets 1940 goda ("Tokarev Self-loading Rifle, Model of 1940", Russian: Самозарядная винтовка Токарева, образец 1940 года;).

    by George Freund on October 2, 2013 at 9:55 AM
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    In this video, the videographer demonstrates how to light and maintain a kerosene heater. These heaters are great for emergencies and cottages.

    The other important thing are these lamps are fueled with kerosene too. They generate heat along with light. They are a wise addition to your readiness cupboard. 

  • Mossberg Model 500 Shotgun
    by George Freund on September 30, 2013 at 2:14 PM
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    Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The Mossberg Model 500 Pump Shotgun, Introduced in 1961, is one of the most popular in the country. A reliable, proven design that is being used for Home Defense and by U.S. Forces around the world.

    Mossberg 500 is a series of pump-action shotguns manufactured by O.F. Mossberg & Sons.[1] The 500 series comprises widely varying models of hammerless repeaters, all of which share the same basic receiver and action, but differ in bore size, barrel length, choke options, magazine capacity, and "furniture" (stock and forearm) materials. Model numbers included in the 500 series are the 500, 505, 510, 535, and 590.

    The 12 gauge pump action is a very useful firearm. I wouldn't have sold the extra barrel. The multiple barrel package is a great deal. The longer barrel is ideal for duck and geese hunting. It has a full choke which is the tightness of the opening of the barrel at the muzzle. It keeps the shot pattern closer together at longer ranges. The shorter barrel would be a cylinder bore. It is a larger opening to facilitate buckshot and rifled slugs which are devastating. The pump action is sure and fast. I prefer the Remington 870 personally. The Winchester Defender series is also a good choice. They are reasonable in price. The recoil of the magnum or 3 inch or 3 1/2 inch loads are severe. You can always use a lighter non magnum field load in many applications especially target practice or initiation. Wearing a padded shooting vest helps a lot too. Always remember to treat all firearms as loaded and always point them in a safe direction. 

    Totalitarians always fretted at the possession of the basic double barrel farmer's shotgun as an impendiment to enslavement. The pitchfork was well respected too in the hands of swarthy men. Freedom was never given. It was taken. Those who possessed power want it back. They realize, too, that it will not be given. It must be taken ergo the push for gun control. The other option to take power from the people is trickery. People will give their rights and freedoms away with that technique. Any attempt to acquire power from the people must be held suspect. Guard it jealously with your shotgun.

  • Sensible Food Supply Preparation Part I
    by George Freund on September 29, 2013 at 6:55 PM
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    What would you do if the Grocery Store shelves were empty? How would you survive? Here are some basic food storage and supply ideas that you can start without turning into a full blown "survivalist". Not that being one is such a bad idea. Part 2 will follow.

    Sensible Food Supply Preparation Part 2

  • How to store drinking water for long ter...
    by George Freund on September 24, 2013 at 9:23 AM
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    It has disappeared unfortunately. Here is another different video.

    Here is a convenient way to store water, and to properly disinfect the water, for long term storage. For those that are in to storing food, do not forget the water. Your body needs water before it needs food.

  • M14 Norinco M305b Review
    by George Freund on September 22, 2013 at 10:40 AM
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    You'd think they're trying to round up the guns in Kenya. A good staged managed massacre is timely.

    It is illegal in Kenya to own any type of firearm without a valid gun ownership license as spelled out under the Firearms Act (Cap. 114) Laws of Kenya. Anyone who is 12 years or older can apply to privately own a gun. However, such persons must provide in writing to the Chief Licensing Officer (CLO) stating genuine reason(s) for their need to privately own and carry a firearm. It remains at the discretion of the CLO to make a decision to award, deny or revoke a gun ownership license based on the reason(s) given. Anyone seeking to hold a gun license must pass the most stringent of background checks that probes into their past and present criminal, mental health and well as domestic violence records. Failure to pass one of these checks automatically bars one from being permitted to own a firearm. These checks are regularly repeated and must be continually passed for anyone to continue holding the gun license. Failure to pass any of these checks at any stage, means an automatic and immediate revocation of the issued license. Once licensed to own a gun, no permit is required in order to carry around a concealed firearm.

    This is a buy/don't buy review for the Norinco M305b or M14.

    This rifle is lubricated with grease, not oil. Check out this link:

    Civil Advantage Firearms Training is a Canadian company operating out of Vancouver's lower mainland. We specialize in the Canadian Firearms Safety Course, beginner, tactical and live fire training. We train beginners, civilians, federal and municipal police officers, corrections personal and CBSA (border protection).

  • How To Avoid Fake Silver & Counterfeit G...
    by George Freund on September 19, 2013 at 1:21 PM
    4211 Views - 0 Comments

    This Special Report on the growing threat of fake silver and counterfeit gold products will arm you with solutions on how to best avoid being ripped off by sellers of phony bullion products.

    Silver Eagle Coin Ping Test - 6145 Hz

    Gold Eagle Coin Ping Test - 4498 Hz

    How to Tell if Gold Is Real

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