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This is a shot from the TV show I was on that never aired. We debated a fool on controlled demolition of the World Trade Center towers. We whipped his ass. They could never edit it enough to make him look good. There would be about five minutes or less. In one coup 'thegeorge' waltzed the fool into an information trap with his own words. He said it was impossible to pre-wire the buildings with enough explosives to bring it down. Then, later, he raised the issue of spontaneous detonation. I countered with then that would explain how pre-planted explosives could be set off. You wouldn't have to wire all of them to detonators. That was just one issue we won on. I guessed they thought we would be useful idiots to put up a fool's debate and allow the cover story to win the day. I realized then I had to do it my self. Even though the host was and still is a popular conspiracy media darling, he hid a great victory from his loyal viewers. I left with the conclusion if they do it for mainstream, it's lamestream. I'm sure the video was destroyed or buried in the national security archives. Your only hope is to change the channel. I don't water it down. I heat it up to the MAX!

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  • The Conspiracy Show The Arrest of Julian...
    by George Freund on April 23, 2019 at 9:22 PM
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    On this episode of TCS...

    Richard welcomes an independent researcher and host of a popular podcast to discuss the recent arrest of WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange. Assange was taken into custody when London police dragged him from the Ecuadorian Embassy where he had been holed-up for the last seven years. He is awaiting possible extradition to the United States. U.S. authorities say Assange conspired with former Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning to steal and publish huge troves of classified documents.

    GUEST:George Freund is a fiercely independent researcher, investigator, and writer. He is the host of the alternative media podcast, Consipracy Cafe. George was the recipient of the 2016 “Conspiracy Factist Award” from

  • Joan Montgomery exposing first hand corr...
    by Conspiracy Cafe on January 13, 2019 at 8:43 AM
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    Published on Jan 11, 2019

    Joan Montgomery brings more truthiness on the scale and scope of corruption in Ontario and beyond. DO NOT MISS THIS EXPOSé!

    With host George Freund on Conspiracy Café.

    Be forewarned the 'F' word appears once in the warning to WAKE UP!

  • Sovietesque on Conspiracy Cafe
    by George Freund on September 26, 2018 at 8:30 AM
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    Calls for Martial law to clean the SWAMP. Secret biological warfare research in Tbilisi. Russians are targeted. Montreal is hosting CUE 2018 the five eyes intelligence agency game with urban warfare and sniper training. Blasey Ford is deeply mired in Big Pharma. Present occupiers of Israel not the seed of Abraham. NWO worships Baal. Google fixing votes. AI war at Sunspot. Russian plane shoot down to close skies. Marine Le Pen ordered to psychiatric tests over ISIS tweet. How Sovietesque.

    Executive anti-trust order for Google and FacebookRules for Radicals. Rosenstein's wire. Wasn't that a party no memories. Russian drills in Crimea. Israeli fighters took 'cover.' Missile launches from French ship. Yellowstone getting anxious. Assange: Last free generation. Next recession a collapse? MH370 report 'doctored.' Prozac moments fuel gun crimes. No thinking allowed. Armageddon

    by Conspiracy Cafe on August 30, 2018 at 7:57 AM
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    INFOWARS is collecting data for the NWO. Have you read the fine print on the message board. Clicking you argree enters you in a data collection scheme that allows a company called Vuukle to harvest all your contact and personal information and send it to Dubai for law enforcement and intelligence purposes. In George Washington's day the army of the Potomac was infested with turncoats. In the coming struggle expect people to turn on a dime. There has been a lot of conjecture whether he was a shill. That's a matter of opinion. This contract is from his own website. DO NOT accept the terms or take the APP. This is clear evidence he was compromised. When the gloves come off your life may well be lost as true patriots are neutralized by the NWO.

    The wicked warlock John McCain is gone. A more crooked character you will be challenged to find. From turning in prison to the USS Forrestal fire and links to ISIS and the beheading videos John was your man. He even had time to loot the treasury and take generous donations. God said we're all sinners. The NWO crowd portray him as a saint. We know they lie so I side with God.

    St. George slays the dragon. Mother Russia has that image in their coat of arms. The Royal Navy named one of their warships HMS Dragon. How prophetic. The RN also is arming their ships with a high powered laser beam called dragonfire as well. 

    Canada goes down the gun control trail. It is ethnic cleansing bordering on genocide. If you say NO, the state sends in the storm troopers. They wear the black shirt of the fascist too. What is a genocide in action? A group is marginalized and blamed for society's evils. The state and the media villify them. They are deprived license and have their property seized under duress. Long periods of internment are part of the process. Resistence will be met with death as the storm troopers enforce the law with deadly force. It will be a crime to give any aid or comfort to the new Jew as before. In the past that was relegated to a ethnicity or a religion. Today the devotees of the shooting sports are receiving whipping boy status. Canada apologized for the residential schools and the internment of the Japanese. Will governments in the future atone for these crimes against humanity? 

    Robots are becoming the universal soldiers and star attractions in brothels. The oldest professions are no more. There is still tension between NATO and Russia. Chinese bombers numbered in twilght bode harm. It is the art of war truly. We are too far removed until now at least. Learn your lessons well. 

    by Conspiracy Cafe on August 23, 2018 at 8:30 AM
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    Richard assembles a team of experts who attempt to answer questions regarding some of the great Rock mysteries. Listeners were invited to submit questions to the show over the course of the summer. The seven questions selected include: "Could Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins really have seen a shapeshifter as he has claimed?" "Was the song Hotel California by The Eagles really about The Church of Satan?" "Were Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Chester Bennington of Linkin Park murdered because they were attempting to expose a massive child sex ring?"


    Peter Wendel, based in the nation's capital, is a journalist by training doing stints with major D.C. media outlets, including Gannett News/USA Today and Congressional Quarterly. Peter founded in 2014 as an outlet for his passion for music, particularly live music. Peter has been to hundreds of concerts and festivals, like The Peach, The All Good, Mountain Jam and Lockn'. He's ridden legendary Grateful Dead runs from Ventura County Fairgrounds (CA) to Irvine Meadows (CA) from the Nassau Coliseum (NY) to the Boston Garden. Catch him out on tour!

    Joshua P. Warren is a world-renowned paranormal researcher and the author of numerous books on the occult and the supernatural. His latest book is Finding Your Magick: How to Hack Reality Through Lucid Living (2018)

    George Freund is an independent investigator and the host of the award-winning podcast Conspiracy Cafe.

    Marc Eliot is the New York Times bestselling author of more than a dozen books on popular culture, among them the highly acclaimed Cary Grant, the award-winning Walt Disney: Hollywood's Dark Prince, and American Rebel: The Life of Clint Eastwood. He is also the author of To the Limit: The Untold Story of The Eagles.

    How Richard Branson, John Podesta, The Clinton Foundation, The Royal Family, George Soros, & Big Pharma Could Be Involved In The Death of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington

    by Conspiracy Cafe on August 2, 2018 at 4:44 PM
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    As you may or may not be aware the thought police removed my account at Vimeo. All these shows are not available. The Trust & Safety Commissar will review the case and report to the Thought Police. If you ever thought the NWO was a day in the park, you are sadly mistaken. Years of work and effort are no longer available. It is just a general push on dissidents before the gulag. Mike Adams of Natural News has granted us a channel so that we can continue. Support him and his products in this time of crisis. There might not be much time left. This proves how serious the times are. Infowars is taking the hit as well as microbroadcasters like myself. I fully believe there was a terror cell operating in Toronto with a nerve agent. They are pulling out all the stops to prevent this story from getting out. Share it yourself before it is too late. There may have been more than one.

    The Toronto mass shooting on the Danforth was an act of war by the Canadian deep state on the Canadian people. They counted the casualties and missed the significance of the action. It was a black ops of the highest order made to measure to induce Canadians to assault legitimate gun owners in the pending gun control bill. A psychological operation of the highest order is being sprung on us to use emotions as a mind control virus to take us off of the precipice. Many are easily induced by the process. Few are preapred to understand it much less report on it. It was a classic Operation Gladio with a defined patsy. His association with extremists and a chemical nerve agent to cause a mass casualty event repressed. Liberate yourself at the Cafe or face the consequences. It is your choice.

    Gun control worked so well we need more.

    It's all according to plan.

    Canada's Politicians are in Denial on Terrorism

    Did we just dodge 9/11 2.0?

    Faisal Hussain Threatened to Kill Two Security Guards Weeks Before Shooting



    Lyudmila Rudenko's 114th Birthday Google Doodle


    by Conspiracy Cafe on July 24, 2018 at 10:33 AM
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    NWO forces circle their wagons in the continuing onslaught against Donald Trump. However, we read the twilight language. The encoded message in the Daily News cover reveals the plot against the president is real, he has a secret military union with Russia, he is annointed by YHWH to lead the forces of righteousness against the global cabal attempting to establish the one world government of the anti-Christ. That was some banner headline. Perhaps they had no idea they revealed their hand in the revelation.

    Doug Ford hires a former liberal premier to look at the cooked books. A Toronto cop released details of a coming terrorist attack. In hindsight he was right on the money. Why did the Chief cancel the alert after one day? Now we have Toronto terror again. MGM sues Las Vegas victims with DHS law protecting them. Not even Orwell could have thought it would be that bad. WWG1WGA the mighty Q is an intelligence asset greasing the wheels for a new form of government. Say what? We have a form of government. We don't need a new one. Trump hated for speaking the truth, threatens global security or the rising NWO. Nobody protested Erdogan or the Saudi prince. Summit details. Deep State panic. Putin reveals $400 million illegal campaign donation to Hillary. Bill Browder long time communist stooge implicated. Operation Quake. CIA Director John Brennan was a communist agent. White House lights go out a threat to Trump? Hacking an act of war. You don't know the meaning of the word. Veteran intelligence specialists say NO! Remember Imran Awan? DNC Chair allowed Russians to steal intelligence. China was hacking Helsinki Summit.

    Walk Away Founder gets the 'treatment.' Demoncrats remind me of the age, old Star Trek Return of the Archons. The hive mind of Landru must be obeyed. Those outside of the body absorbed. Left promotes violence. Trump release Tommy. Hidden Trillions. Twitter destroys evidence. Russia sues. Peter Strzok super demon. Strzok versus Flynn. Comey told him to do it. White Helmets evaced. Israel attacks Syria again. Russia blockades Ukraine. ICE cracks Pedogate. Editorial normalize pedophilia. Guccifer 2.0 an intell operation. Indictments were swiped. The Obama trance. AI on the battlefield. Scott Bennett follows the 9/11 money trail. Military knew of JFK assassination weeks before. Wilcock goes Lucifer on GAIAIsrael codifies zionism. Italian forensic experts verify Paul replaced. Blackwater gets deep water Afghanistan war. Thanos extols genocide. Planned Parenthood killed more black babies than the KKK. Belief in God gets zero grade. Zombie homeless in San Francisco. Net terror ideation gets life sentence. Might as well do it for real. Trade War. Ron Paul says we're at the brink. The 2018 Everything Bubble. 3 times more debt than money. Bankers jailed for fixing rates. Google pays fine. On Conspiracy Cafe it's TREASON!


    by Conspiracy Cafe on July 9, 2018 at 11:32 AM
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    The untouchable who thought he was immune to consequences has acquired his Waterloo. He made a move on a reporter's derriere some years ago. It was supposed to have been left behind, but he was outed as just another user and abuser of the female gender. His conversion to feminism may not protect him. In fact as a drama teacher he was quite the womanizer. His close friend had pedophelic tendencies of all things. That makes Emperor Justinian one with no clothes for they can now appoint him Ubergroppenfuhrer too.

    Former conservative leader Patrick Brown's lynching continues. Premier Ford doesn't want him to be elected Chair of Peel Region. Isn't that the voter's choice mein herr? He wants a high profile former liberal cabinet minister to run against him. Say what? We allegedly boot the crooks out and Doug is priming them for positions. We don't have elections. We have illusions, and it appear it's been liberal, Tory tag team looting of the treasury since 1867. Is that why Brown got the blade? He wasn't in the deep offshore industry. Ford needs the former Treasurer to help with the buried treasure as alluded to by a liberal's wife. If logic is applied it all makes sense. Justin can squeeze the Charmin and get away with it, but the politicians unite with the media on one Brown.

    There be a gang war in Toronto. People are shot almost daily. The liberal logic from the past hasn't work. It cannot because it doesn't recognize the real problem and attempts to treat a symptom by violating the laws of economics and basic physics. Am I the only one who remembers the lessons of supply and demand and the path of least resistance. You can't ban anything. You can only move the point of intersection of the supply and demand curves. Laws make illegal trade more profitable and rewards organized crime. The laws create great resistance and are avoided with the alternative being the path of least resistance. That's why prohibition never worked. That's why the world's oldest profession still is. They stumbled onto the fact with marijuana but they'll control the supply. The big issue is the stoned won't care where the treasury funds went. The hand on the butt will be quicker than they eye.

    There are repeats of the 2008 economic crisis recurring. Forces are massing off The Ukraine still. There's pressure to start another American civil war. Stephen Harper made a off the record trip to the White House. Do I smell regime change in the wind? Google will build their show place city of Orwellian proportions in Toronto. As Joan said, we'll be enslaved before we figure it out. As Leary said Turn on, tune in, drop out. You don't stand a chance against the master criminals. On Conspiracy Cafe we see #HIMTOO!

    by Conspiracy Cafe on June 27, 2018 at 10:12 AM
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    We followed the course to the lair of the secrets of the Illuminist's. From hence we made deduction a part of our philosophy. From Google's secret of the Garden Gnome Doodle we saw Aquarius pour his migrants upon Europe. They attempt to dominate by stealth yet resort to brute force as well. Italy blocks migrant ship Aquarius. Erdogan warns of holy war to Austria. Ricin in the broth in Germany. Austria conducts border drills. Troops on he border scooping poop. Muslim rapper minstrel sings ode to crucifixion at Bataclan. Where are the girls? Bourdain was MeToo advocate. Was it murder most foul? Who is killing the great chefs of Europe? Weinstein employs former Mossad detective firm Black Cube. What is the 'Black Cube?' Kate Spade taken to the brink. Was the murder weapon an act of psychological trauma? Connection to the Clinton Foundation. The cryptic clues left by her husband Andy. Bilderberg Queen's sister suicided too.

    China says we're taking over the world. China leads in quantum encryption. China taking over electrical grids. A strange sort of atomic warfare. NATO exercise Trojan Footprint 2018. Russia's Northern Fleet puts to sea. Ukraine inserts commandoes in Russian uniforms. Russia's Black Sea Fleet on high alert. Canada's monument to tyranny. It was just a little fascist pogrom. UN, Red Cross evac from Yemen. U.S. gives the genocide nod. Liberals don't want peace in Korea because Trump did it. Russian pipeline a GO! North Korea has market on rare earth minerals. Trudeau blasts Iran now. Mass shooting in gun control state. But they have laws. Duterte wants to arm community leaders. They're coming for the guns. It's a first step towards GENOCIDE.

    H7N9 needs more mutations Mr. Jones. Japan suspends Canadian wheat over GMO. Grand Solar Minimumfor the east coast. What's the Sun got to do with warming? Don't ask Al Gore. Harvard Med School No White Doctors. Bill Maher hopes economy crashes for Trump. Sucks for the rest of us. QE unwinds. Venezuela oil meltdown. Purchasing power of the dollar dives, inflates sales. Argentine peso under scorched earth attack. They create their own money. Imagine that. The simple fix. Digital bank robberies on the weaker economies banks. We're on course on Conspiracy Cafe.

    What's war got to do with the economy? See the karma on the downward slope. Maybe if we stop killing and exploiting people we can start to prosper.

    by George Freund on June 24, 2018 at 8:33 PM
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    There are significant threats to the planet Earth. There are quakes clusters and volcanic eruptions happening to an extent that we smell the action of a human hand in the clouds of gas. Paul Allen's yacht is traversing the Indian Ocean heading to Mayotte where there is a dormant volcano. They are experiencing an earthquake swarm. Could it be they're naval intelligence or are they the Vulcan religious cult on the loose? New Zealand volcano ready to explode. The Hawaiian volcano erupted thanks to the fracking of a nearby thermal energy venture. Anomaly on the San Andreas Fault. Welcome to the mass extinction Darwin list.

    G7 World. How fast can Canada build an A bomb? Canada's Space program with The Ukraine. Trudeau and Obama met in Montreal under a blue arrow. Was it code for a shot at Trump? Missile fired at Air Force One's track to Singapore. South Park Canada U.S. war. Trudeau loses eyebrow alien or android. Papa named as molester. Bilderberg 2018. Truth an endangered species. Supreme Court win public meeting. AI to capture customer service jobs. AI sexbots the graven image. Obama's secret meetings. The shadow government SES. Criminals with badges. Mueller's indictments. Inspector General's report. $21 trillion is that all? De Niro goes rogue. Likes little girls. WWII knowledge controversy. London rage for Tommy.


  • A View from Space Tribute on Conspiracy ...
    by Conspiracy Cafe on June 16, 2018 at 2:44 PM
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    With our old comrade at the microphone James Haarp, we eulogize the late, great Gary Bell whose A View From Space radio program shook the ionosphere with revelation after revelation. It started what seems to be yesterday, but time has indeed marched on. Originally it was a call in format on the infamous MOJO Radio AM 640 a beacon of free speech with the Troika of Truth Gary Bell, Richard Syrett and Nelson Thall with his Cloak & Dagger radio program. They went around the world and at times lights burned late in the White House in those post 9/11 days when the lies were rampant. Like the BBC beamed into occupied Europe or Radio Free Europe in the cold war, there were few other testimonials to people who were under the disinformation jackboot. Toronto was a nucleus of alternative thought and opinion.

    There was pressure to cancel Gary's show in the early years. He could easily be mocked by the brainwashed. I received a call to add some spice to it. My code name was thegeorge. We rocked the house down. It was the most unusual bit of Canadian radio history. I had an unedited, uncensored free speech element any time I wished. That was a powerful weapon to utilize. President Bush himself called Prime Minister Martin to get Nelson, Ladybug and I booted off the air. Gary survived on his own carrying the battle to keep the world informed. As I said to Richard on his podcast, those voices were a glimpse of hope in the dark circumstances we find ourselves in.

    Gary took the task to the limit and was let go by AM640 under its present corporate entity. He reported the U.S. moves for a broader war in the Middle East. In a little over six months he was gone. The battle for free speech still rages. His Facebook fan page is heavily censored by someone we may have assumed to be a fellow traveler but isn't. That is a terrible shame because in those early days we stood shoulder to shoulder observing and reporting the Toronto scene up to and including the Toronto equivalent to 9/11. Nelson interviewed me on Cloak & dagger then as a podcast broadcast. The police and the military were moving explosives into the downtown core. One of the faithful observed it and reported it down the line. We blew their cover after observing their movements on CFRB's The Nightside with Mark Elliot. A detailed report was given on Joyce Riley's The Power Hour for the world to hear.

    After about a month the Toronto 18 patsies were arrested and paraded as the resident evil with their RCMP informant CSIS agent Mubin Shaikh. That was the power of radio my friends. We averted our 9/11 with top notch reporting in the field. Other cities buried their dead. We revealed the plots. However, the censorship that silenced Gary silences the secret history of A View From Space. The administrator of his fan page does a better job at censorship than Facebook or Google in the great game of deception. So well in fact that I would seriously question who he's working for. However, you can escape the paradigm by changing the channel to That Channel or coming to the Cafe where we don't mince words. We've stopped false flag terror in its tracks. There can be no better tribute for Gary and a View From Space. God bless him.

    by George Freund on May 29, 2018 at 9:14 AM
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    We will be interviewing the wife of a liberal MPP (Member of Provincial Parliament) who she alleges laundered billions of dollars of ill gotten gains through 150 off shore accounts. This was one of the most contentious cases in Ontario's courts. Of course, it happened before the release of the Panama Papers whic resulted in the assassination of the primary reporter seeking justice in Malta. The further revelations of The Paradise Papers reveal even further abuses that MSM refuses to accentuate. What people fail to understand is that even the maligned Donald Trump will not be outed as an off shore titan in league with an international conspiracy of many others. The label of liberal or conservative is just a meaningless label. I've always referred to elections as tag team looting.

    Federal budget bill quietly proposes tool to ease penalties for corporate crime

    St. Kitts and Nevis is a hive of Canadian activity. Put your search name into the OFFSHORE LEAKS DATABASE by The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and see what you find. They headline various rougues as pictured above. That doesn't imply guilt. It just shows where their hearts and funds are. Then you must dig further. We can call it THE PARADISE GAME NOT ONLY IN PANAMA.

    We dabble in the netherworld of human development. YouTube has pulled the plug on free speech. Leftists believe in free speech yet they applaud this as a rational control on free speech. They hate Christianity yet they define heresy and call for sanctions including murder on those they wish to burn for witchcraft. Christ spoke about the removing of the thorn from your own eye before you point out another's. We still stone the 'prostitute' and dare to think we've evolved to great modern thinkers not lowest common denominators. It should be comedy, but it is tragedy. The stage is still the same. After all it is Satan's realm. Our guest, Joan Montgomery, reveals we shall all be enslaved before we become aware of the level of treachery our leaders have committed upon us. I fear she is correct while we succumb to the left, right paradigm they have created for us. Behind the scenes they work together while we create a diversion in the classic application of divide and conquer.

    Google has revealed the operational plan in the Maria Reiche's 115th Birthday Google Doodle. The Nazca Lines almost all refer to military operations of the past. Operation Condor involved the internment of the threats to the state. That is rather prescient since Joan reports the enslavement. Operation Fish involved the movement of treasuries in WWII. I anticipate this present Operation Fish will mean their wholesale plunder. Banks in Mexico were looted in a cyber holdup. Argentina is at the brink and Venezuela is set to be crucified. Ontario has seen the thought police work across party lines to remove Conservative leaders. I wonder if they were targeted because they weren't party to the treasury looting. It's O.K. in the liberal left world to desire to kill the president. It's O.K. to let a convicted pedophile writes the sex education curriculum for young children that models the grooming sex offenders use. It's not O.K. for an adult make to desire an adult female. It's not O.K. to speak of the elephant in the room while holding public office. It's just like the sex ed Anal Fun 101.

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