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  • Scientists Aren't Going to Tell You This...
    by Conspiracy Cafe on August 13, 2018 at 2:42 AM
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    Published on Apr 6, 2018

    There are now five different lines of observational evidence pointing to the existence of Planet Nine," said Konstantin Batygin, a planetary astrophysicist at Caltech in Pasadena.

    Some of these clues relate to the gravitational tug of Planet Nine, which appears to be disturbing the distant Kuiper Belt, which is made up of icy objects and stretches from Neptune out into deep space.

    Its believed Planet Nine is a "super-Earth", the name for a type of large world which appears to be very common in the universe.

    Doom-mongers have consistently claimed that a hidden world called Nibiru will crash into Earth.

    Nasa has denied this theory, previously writing: "The planet in question, Niburu, doesn't exist, so there will be no collision.

    "The story of Niburu has been around for years (as has the 'days of darkness' tale) and is periodically recycled into new apocalyptic fables."

    However, it's feared Planet Nine will eventually destroy the solar system by causing a devastating "death dance".

    It could one day hurtle through our solar system, sending planets “pinballing” into outer space or plunging into the Sun.

  • The Maltese Double Cross - Lockerbie
    by Conspiracy Cafe on August 12, 2018 at 11:55 AM
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    The Maltese Double Cross - Lockerbie is a documentary film about the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103.

    Produced, written, and directed by Allan Francovich and financed by Tiny Rowland, the film was released by Hemar Enterprises in November 1994.

    With a controversial premise, it was immediately threatened with legal action by lawyers acting for a US government official, and the British government prevented screenings at the 1994 London Film Festival, at the Institute of Contemporary Arts and at several universities. But Labour MP Tam Dalyell ignored libel warnings and went ahead and showed the film at the House of Commons on November 16, 1994.

    Though it was never widely distributed, the film stirred up a great deal of controversy – particularly in the United Kingdom. Reviews of the film in major UK publications were mostly negative, even as they said that the film revealed certain problems in the mainstream account of the Lockerbie bombing. The film came in for fierce criticism from some American family members of victims of Pan Am 103 and from the governments of Britain and the United States. Other (mainly British) family members endorsed the conclusions of the film.


    The Maltese Double Cross – Lockerbie discusses evidence and witnesses that would eventually figure at the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing trial in 2000:

    The Mebo MST–13 timer fragment, which Thomas Thurman of the FBI's forensic laboratory said that he identified on 15 June 1990;

    Mebo's Swiss owner, Edwin Bollier, is interviewed at length;

    forensic scientist, Dr Michael Scott, describes DERA's 'forensic expert', Alan Feraday, as a technician without any formal qualifications as a scientist;

    A solicitor Alastair Logan criticises DERA's Dr Thomas Hayes for the forensic evidence that was used to convict the Maguire Seven;

    Oswald LeWinter, claiming to be a CIA operative, says the appointment of 'Libyan dirty tricks expert', Vincent Cannistraro, to head the CIA's team investigating Lockerbie 'would be funny, if it were not an obscenity';

    Lester Coleman stated that the bomb was linked to a terrorist cell trained by CIA operative, Edwin P. Wilson; and,

    A best-selling author, David Yallop, reviews the available evidence and looks at who might have been responsible for the Lockerbie bombing.

    The documentary disputes the conclusion reached by the official investigation into the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, instead advancing the theory that the bomb was introduced onto the aircraft by an unwitting drug mule, Khaled Jafaar, in what the filmmaker claims is a CIA-protected suitcase.

    Abolhassan Bani-Sadr, a former president of Iran, discusses the idea that Iran took revenge for the shootdown by the USS Vincennes of Iran Air Flight 655 in July 1988.

    The film quotes Tiny Rowland as disclosing that Pik Botha told him that he and 22 South African delegates were going to New York for the Namibian Independence Ratification Ceremony and were all booked on the Pan Am flight 103. They were given a warning from a source that could not be ignored.

    Botha and 6 others managed to get on an earlier flight, but the remaining 16 stayed in London and missed the official event.

    ROBERT SWAN MUELLER III: Chief Terrorist Of America’s Secret Political Police

    ROBERT SWAN MUELLER III Chief Terrorist of America’s secret political police would have – in an earlier time; also been the perfect choice to head the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

    During this period of time the Bureau played a key role in covering up airline sabotage – such as the Watergate plane crash in Chicago, one month after Nixon was re-elected President, in 1972.

    Twelve Watergate figures died in that crash, including Dorothy Hunt, the wife of the Watergate burglar, E. Howard Hunt. Together they had blackmailed two million dollars out of the Nixon White House.


    Adequately explained by stupidity?

  • The Demise of America (with Paul William...
    by George Freund on August 11, 2018 at 5:07 PM
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    Published on Aug 9, 2018

    On this episode of The Conspiracy Show, Richard welcomes Paul Williams: a former consultant with the FBI who has investigated the root causes of globalist power, secret societies and radical islamic terrorism. These are issues that seek to destroy the United States of America, but Uncle Sam is not dead, yet! Hear the solutions to current problems and how to defeat the Deep State.

  • Dr. Michelle Cretella on Transgenderism
    by George Freund on August 8, 2018 at 6:12 PM
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    Published on Nov 14, 2017

    A Mental Illness is Not a Civil Right

    Read the full interview:

    TFP Student Action interviews Dr. Michelle Cretella, M.D., president of the American College of Pediatricians. She debunks the lies behind transgender ideology with sound science and denounces the new wave of child abuse caused by the transgender movement.

    2 minute highlight

    To understand transgender one must understand where biotech is taking us. We are to be merged with robotics and artificial intelligence under the promise of eternal life. As part machine there will only be the need for the illusion of gender and no need to reproduce. Think of the future world as the Borg in Star Trek. We will all serve the collective without free will or independent thought. Welcome to the New World Order. You will get fried with that.

  • [MIRROR] The Simulation Theory We Must T...
    by Conspiracy Cafe on August 6, 2018 at 9:57 PM
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    Published on Jan 14, 2018

  • The Invaders S2 EP14 The Believers
    by Conspiracy Cafe on August 6, 2018 at 6:59 PM
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    The Invaders is an American science fiction television program created by Larry Cohen that aired on ABC for two seasons, from January 10, 1967 to March 26, 1968. Dominic Frontiere, who had provided scores for Twelve O'Clock High and The Outer Limits, provided scores for The Invaders as well.

    The series was a Quinn Martin Production (Season One was produced in association with the ABC Television Network - or as it was listed in the end credits, "The American Broadcasting Company Television Network").

    Roy Thinnes stars as architect David Vincent, who accidentally learns of a secret alien invasion already underway and thereafter travels from place to place attempting to foil the aliens' plots and warn a skeptical populace of the danger. As the series progresses Vincent is able to convince a small number of people to help him fight the aliens.

    14 "The Believers" December 5, 1967

    David Vincent has finally gathered some serious support in his quest to stop the invaders in the form of industrialist Edgar Scoville (Kent Smith). As Vincent holds a secret meeting with his 'believers', Scoville (at another location) promises some heavyweight support and financial backing. However, the aliens are onto Vincent at his location in Singeiser Electronics and as Vincent exits the building with some believers, they are shot at and three of their number are killed including Mr. Singeiser. Vincent escapes with his briefcase to a car, but he is chloroformed from the back seat by an alien. Vincent wakes up in what seems to be an underground alien prison camp where Vincent resists alien hypnosis, divulging only fake details about the group of believers. When that fails, the aliens stage a 'dummy' rescue attempt, but Vincent quickly sees through it. David is then put into general circulation in the alien prison where he is befriended by Elyse (Carol Lynley). Vincent believes that she is also a 'captured' human and she explains that she is doing forced research for the aliens on crowd control. Together they plot an escape and when Elyse distracts a guard, they get out of the building through an air vent.

    With aliens in pursuit they eventually get to a hotel where Vincent questions Elyse about her work for aliens. She tells Vincent of a major plan by the aliens to cause mass murder in Los Angeles. Vincent listens carefully and then decides to bring her into the secret group, where she is introduced to Professor Hellman (Rhys Williams). When Vincent and Elyse return to the hotel later, Vincent gets a call informing him that Hellman has suffered a 'heart attack'. Vincent then calls Scoville and while discussing events drops a fictitious name 'Jansen' which is picked up by Elyse. Vincent sends Elyse to meet Jansen at a disused warehouse, but instead of Elyse, two aliens turn up looking for Jansen but somehow end up dead. Elyse turns up sometime later and David accuses her of working with the aliens. She admits it and says her brother is being held captive. Vincent then convinces her that her brother has been killed by the aliens already. Three more aliens arrive and Vincent manages to eliminate two of them when Elyse helps Vincent by creating a diversion. The third alien escapes. Vincent returns to the group and Elyse is accepted as a member.

    by George Freund on August 5, 2018 at 11:54 AM
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    Published on Jul 27, 2016

    Series creator, Damon T. Berry reveals one of the greatest mysteries of all time.....the location of the StarGate. This feature length film promises the holiest knowledge of all time, and it does not disappoint. Within each minute is one staggering revelation after another. From the solemn and holy knowledge of pyramidal structures around the world, to the unmasking of the origins of extraterrestrial aliens. Invitation Number 5 is so powerful that it unlocks nearly every mystery of the ancient world. It is the most compelling evidence of God-alien-human interaction ever seen, and each piece of the puzzle provides an ancient key to humanity's ultimate end....the StarGate.


    I photographed the eclipse and didn't think much of it because the light was so overpowering I didn't think the results would show anything. On closer inspection there is unique blue and purple anomaly above the sun. The purple light almost looks like it's drilling into something where the flared bluish, green circle is.

    I've come to accept the theories about the existence of the Earth are thoroughly enriched with a fabric of deception. I reject the spinning ball concept entirely and feel the flat plane with a dome firmament is the true nature of our existence unless we are in fact a computer program or holographic existence as some scientists conjecture.

    Something is catching the light above the Sun. If there is a protective dome, then it has either captured the light of perhaps something is outside the dome boring in.

    Directly above the sun under the anomaly is a small blue speck that isn't on other images so it's not a speck on the lens. It leaves open the possibility it is another space body. I would discount it being a spacecraft. In proportion to the Sun it appears to be quite large.

    It appears our blue sphere was on the move. This image was take from Orillia, Ontario. My image was taken in Toronto.

    Was that the Star Gate?

  • Dave Janda - 12 Attempts on President Tr...
    by George Freund on August 5, 2018 at 11:37 AM
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    Greg Hunter

    Published on Aug 4, 2018

    Dr. Dave Janda host of the popular radio show “Operation Freedom” says, “There have been 12 attempts on President Trump’s life.” This is a story that has not been released to the mainstream press and Janda says it will not stop the first wave of indictments for the people who tried to illegally remove president trump from office in a failed coup. Dr. Janda also says the very top people in the New World Order, such as the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, will not escape justice. Dr. Janda says, “If that doesn’t happen, then nothing will have changed.”

    In closing, Janda says there is some very good news coming. Janda contends, “I truly believe our country will be far better off, freedoms and liberties restored and a way of life restored that is not a two-tiered system that has one set of rules for players for the Deep State and one set of rules for the 99.9% of us. The country will be far better off, every American will be far better off and the world will be far better off.”

    Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Dave Janda of “Operation Freedom.”

  • Secret Agent Selection S01 E04
    by Conspiracy Cafe on August 4, 2018 at 8:57 PM
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    We may be faced with a fake alien invasion or a plethora of zombies running amok on society. If you need special forces to deal with such matters, these selection and training methods will go a long way to prepare your local SOE. It's the ultimate in preparation. Enjoy.


    The group is divided into two to learn wireless transmission and locks. They are taught to operate behind enemy lines with a pseudonym. Fake ID and histories are created. You must keep your cool under intense interrogation. You must hold out for 48 hours to give your contacts time to realize you're missing so that they can disperse. One slip and you're DEAD! You can never relax your guard. Agents in the field seldom lasted very long. 

    The Special Operations Executive (SOE) was a British World War II organisation. It was officially formed on 22 July 1940 under Minister of Economic Warfare Hugh Dalton, from the amalgamation of three existing secret organisations. Its purpose was to conduct espionage, sabotage and reconnaissance in occupied Europe (and later, also in occupied Southeast Asia) against the Axis powers, and to aid local resistance movements.

    One of the organisations from which SOE was created was also involved in the formation of the Auxiliary Units, a top secret "stay-behind" resistance organisation which would have been activated in the event of a German invasion of Britain.

    Report on Gestapo methods of interrogation used in Norway, 17th March 1941

  • David Icke - The Archons
    by Conspiracy Cafe on August 4, 2018 at 10:01 AM
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    David Icke Published on Sep 19, 2016

    Fake news?

    False flags?


    Name your poison

  • Mission Impossible S2 E02 - Trek
    by Conspiracy Cafe on August 3, 2018 at 7:36 PM
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    Mission: Impossible is an American television series that was created and initially produced by Bruce Geller. It chronicles the missions of a team of secret government agents known as the Impossible Missions Force (IMF). In the first season, the team is led by Dan Briggs, played by Steven Hill; Jim Phelps, played by Peter Graves, takes charge for the remaining seasons. A hallmark of the series shows Briggs or Phelps receiving his instructions on a recording that then self-destructs, followed by the theme music composed by Lalo Schifrin.

    The series was filmed and financed by Desilu Productions, and aired on the CBS network from September 1966 to March 1973. The series was reprised in 1988 for two seasons on ABC, retaining only Graves in the cast. It also inspired a series of theatrical motion pictures starring Tom Cruise, beginning in 1996.

    The series follows the exploits of the Impossible Missions Force (IMF), a small team of secret agents used for covert missions against dictators, evil organizations and (primarily in later episodes) crime lords. On occasion, the IMF also mounts unsanctioned, private missions on behalf of its members.

    The identities of the higher echelons of the organization that oversees the IMF are never revealed. Only rare cryptic bits of information are ever provided during the life of the series, such as in the third season mission "Nicole", where the IMF leader states that his instructions come from "Division Seven". In the 1980s revival, it is suggested the IMF is an independent agency of the United States government.

    S2, Ep2 17 Sep. 1967 Trek

    Jack Cole was arrested and imprisoned for stealing art treasures of a Latin nation. The mission for Phelps and his crew is to get the precious objects back. But that won't be easy. Cole is being tortured by the colonel who heads the prison -- and the colonel is a traitor who wants the treasure for himself. The IMF plans calls for playing the two men, each deadly, off each other. A further complication occurs as Cole begins to go blind after being forced to stare at the sun as part of being tortured.

    by Conspiracy Cafe on August 2, 2018 at 4:44 PM
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    As you may or may not be aware the thought police removed my account at Vimeo. All these shows are not available. The Trust & Safety Commissar will review the case and report to the Thought Police. If you ever thought the NWO was a day in the park, you are sadly mistaken. Years of work and effort are no longer available. It is just a general push on dissidents before the gulag. Mike Adams of Natural News has granted us a channel so that we can continue. Support him and his products in this time of crisis. There might not be much time left. This proves how serious the times are. Infowars is taking the hit as well as microbroadcasters like myself. I fully believe there was a terror cell operating in Toronto with a nerve agent. They are pulling out all the stops to prevent this story from getting out. Share it yourself before it is too late. There may have been more than one.

    The Toronto mass shooting on the Danforth was an act of war by the Canadian deep state on the Canadian people. They counted the casualties and missed the significance of the action. It was a black ops of the highest order made to measure to induce Canadians to assault legitimate gun owners in the pending gun control bill. A psychological operation of the highest order is being sprung on us to use emotions as a mind control virus to take us off of the precipice. Many are easily induced by the process. Few are preapred to understand it much less report on it. It was a classic Operation Gladio with a defined patsy. His association with extremists and a chemical nerve agent to cause a mass casualty event repressed. Liberate yourself at the Cafe or face the consequences. It is your choice.

    Gun control worked so well we need more.

    It's all according to plan.

    Canada's Politicians are in Denial on Terrorism

    Did we just dodge 9/11 2.0?

    Faisal Hussain Threatened to Kill Two Security Guards Weeks Before Shooting



    Lyudmila Rudenko's 114th Birthday Google Doodle


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