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It appears the forces of darkness have pulled the plug on However, stay tuned media junkies there is another location to get your fix.

They are being reinserted over the next couple of months. You will find some already. You will find the rest over time. It is an arduous struggle the maintenance of freedom. The lies are exposed here. That makes evil feel threatened. The best books are banned or burned. The best videos are pulled as well. Every one is supported by evidence linked for your perusal. The enemies of freedom hate the truth because it sets us free, and they have determined us to be slaves. Click in this site and emancipate yourself. 

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  • PRINCESS KAORU NAKAMARU of Japan - Featu...
    by George Freund on January 10, 2012 at 12:40 PM
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    The Three Days of Darkness is an apocalyptic tradition within Catholicism which recalls the tenth plague of Moses against Egypt.[1] Just as God punished the idolatrous Egyptians during the days of Moses with Ten Plagues culminating in "three days of darknesss," so also, at the end of time will God will punish the entire world with "three days of darkness." The theory holds that the entire earth will be enveloped by perfect darkness lasting the span of three days and three nights. The only light that will be seen during these three days will come from blessed candles. Catholic visionaries agree that the faithful should stay within their homes during this plague of darkness as most of the earth's inhabitant shall die. MORE: http/

  • CIA plane with mutated swine flu virus s...
    by George Freund on January 10, 2012 at 12:22 PM
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    Too good not to have on the menu.

    The Masoretic Text (MT, ��, or mathfrak{M}) is the authoritative Hebrew text of the Jewish Bible and is regarded as Judaism's official version of the Tanakh.[citation needed] While the Masoretic Text defines the books of the Jewish canon, it also defines the precise letter-text of these biblical books, with their vocalization and accentuation known as the Masorah. The MT is also widely used as the basis for translations of the Old Testament in Protestant Bibles, and in recent years (since 1943) also for some Catholic Bibles, although the Eastern Orthodox continue to use the Septuagint, as they hold it to be divinely inspired.[1] In modern times the Dead Sea Scrolls have shown the MT to be nearly identical to some texts of the Tanakh dating from 200 BCE but different from others.


  • The Truth about "Jack the Ripper" - part...
    by George Freund on January 4, 2012 at 10:35 AM
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    The deep, dark secrets of the royals and murders. PART 2

  • The Senator Wellstone Assassination
    by George Freund on January 1, 2012 at 11:30 AM
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    We're a long way off from CHANGE. It's the same old same old.

    by George Freund on January 1, 2012 at 9:42 AM
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    I guess I'm showing my age. In this 1975 classic Jack Nicholson is confined to the State Mental Hospital. So exactly who is crazy the system or the 'patients'? We will cure you to death.

    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is a 1975 American comedy-drama film directed by Miloš Forman, based on the 1962 novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey. The film stars Jack Nicholson and features a supporting cast of Louise Fletcher, William Redfield, Will Sampson, and Brad Dourif.


    In 1963, Oregon, recidivist criminal Randle McMurphy is moved to a mental institution after serving a short sentence on a prison farm for statutory rape of a 15-year-old. Though not actually mentally ill, McMurphy hopes to avoid hard labor and serve the rest of his sentence in a relaxed environment. Upon arriving at the hospital, he finds the ward run by the steely, strict Nurse Ratched, who subtly suppresses the actions of her patients through a passive-aggressive routine, intimidating the patients.

    The other patients include anxious, stuttering Billy Bibbit; Charlie Cheswick, who is prone to childish tantrums; delusional Martini; the well-educated, paranoid Dale Harding; belligerent Max Taber; epileptic Jim Sefelt; and “Chief” Bromden, a tall Native American believed to be deaf and mute. Ratched soon sees McMurphy’s lively, rebellious presence to be a threat to her authority, confiscating the patients’ cigarettes and rationing them. During his time in the ward, McMurphy gets into a battle of wits with Ratched. He steals a hospital bus, escaping with several patients to go on a fishing trip, encouraging his friends to become more self-confident.

    McMurphy learns his sentence may become indefinite, and he makes plans to escape, exhorting Chief to throw a hydrotherapy cart through a window. He, Chief, and Cheswick get into a fight with the orderlies after the latter becomes agitated over his stolen cigarettes. Ratched sends them to the “shock shop”, and McMurphy discovers Chief can actually speak, feigning illness to avoid engaging with anyone. After being subjected to electroconvulsive therapy, McMurphy returns to the ward pretending to have brain damage, but reveals the treatment has charged him up even more. McMurphy and Chief make plans to escape, but decide to throw a secret Christmas party for their friends after Ratched leaves for the night.

    McMurphy sneaks two women, Candy and Rose, into the ward and bribes the night guard. After a night of partying, McMurphy and Chief prepare to escape, inviting Billy to come with them. He refuses, not ready to leave the hospital. McMurphy instead convinces him to have sex with Candy. Ratched arrives in the morning to find the ward in disarray and most of the patients unconscious. She discovers Billy and Candy together, the former now free of his stutter, until Ratched threatens to inform his mother about his escapade. Billy is overwhelmed with fear and locks himself in the doctor’s office and commits suicide. The enraged McMurphy strangles Ratched, before being knocked out by an orderly.

    Ratched comes back with a neck brace and a scratchy voice. Rumors spread that McMurphy escaped rather than be taken “upstairs”. Later that night, Chief sees McMurphy being returned to his bed. He discovers McMurphy has lobotomy scars on his forehead, and smothers his friend with a pillow. Chief finally throws the hydrotherapy cart through the window and escapes into the night, cheered on by the men.

  • Disturbing video that shows U.S. soldier...
    by George Freund on January 1, 2012 at 9:15 AM
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    I guess there will be justice on this Earth. The President signed the NDAA. Perhaps soon Americans can live through what the forced others to life through. It will be a terrible penance.

    by George Freund on December 29, 2011 at 11:36 AM
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    What if the Bible was coded by God to tell modern man what was in store for him? What if the government found out? Enjoy.

    The Code Conspiracy is an American thriller film released in 2002.


    A physics professor is removed from his post because his classroom teaching methods are considered to be too philosophical. He leaves for Israel to work on a project combining science with his love of philosophy.

    Six years later he returns to an America now governed by an administration that has brought in strong anti-privacy laws. He is carrying a disc containing the fruits of his research to give to a former student, John Davis, when black ops agents track him down with a view to obtaining the disc and killing him. He manages to hide the disc and make a phone call to John before the agents catch up with him. In subsequent police interviews with Davis he is able to assure them he did not know what was going on, a situation that changes after he listens to his phone messages.

    The professor had been working on a code in Israel based on the Pentateuch, the first five books in the Bible, and had found answers to some of life's most basic questions. The formula he has discovered can also solve problems yet to be formulated. John's software company is pleased with the research since it helps them with their current anti-government privacy project: keyless encryption. Before he is able to complete the sale and distribution of the software to a major company, government agents raid his home and company, confiscating all his computers, files and computer programs. While trying to leave the area with his family and move to a more congenial environment, his wife and children are killed in a plane crash. In shock, he turns to friends who help him to escape undetected. Not only American agents but the Mossad give chase as he flees to the Bahamas.

  • Decoding The Past - The Bible Code Episo...
    by George Freund on December 28, 2011 at 10:18 PM
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    Remember Holy means secret. Learn what God kept for us in the day of judgement.

  • Syria's Torture Machine Channel 4
    by George Freund on December 25, 2011 at 11:33 AM
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    Channel 4 Promo Directed by Brian Harrington Original Concept / Idea by Marianna Bukowski For work by Brian Harrington please visit:





    This is what happens in a police state. Don't let the police state happen in your world. It's easy to stop them when the trample a Constitution now. Afterwards will you be prepared to endure this? Will your family? What happens when the police and the military have all the guns? TYRANNY! Get that feminazi gun banner. They will rape and kill you because you gave away the power of who has control of force - WE THE PEOPLE or the STATE. Maybe we can burn you as witches again for your reward.

  • 18+ Syria -Torture Beating Victim of Dic...
    by George Freund on December 25, 2011 at 11:30 AM
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    18+ Adults Only - Warning - Graphic Images - not for shock - Documentary Evidence of Crimes against Humanity committed by the Syria Dictatorship ...

    by George Freund on December 24, 2011 at 7:58 AM
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    See the plight of British subjects at the hands of the democratic Britain. See the Queen cede the land of the islanders to America. See ethnic cleansing. See human rights abuses that rival any despot. See the truth about Diego Garcia the source of death and destruction to the world compliments of the NWO. Now claim our cause is just and we are good. How we lie. Still today these people suffer what they call SADNESS. The was a Garden of Eden paradise. They even understand raising a hand to stop them. The Queen shot all their dogs in the treatment - 1,000 dearly loved pets. They did the same to our Inuit in Canada. They are evil bastards. Atonement will come as they lust for money and war. God will take away the money and let them have their war. Bon Appetit!

    'Stealing A Nation' (2004) is an extraordinary film about the plight of the Chagos Islands, whose indigenous population was secretly and brutally expelled by British Governments in the late 1960s and early 1970s to make way for an American military base. The tragedy, which falls within the remit of the International Criminal Court as "a crime against humanity", is told by Islanders who were dumped in the slums of Mauritius and by British officials who left behind a damning trail of Foreign Office documents.

    Before the Americans came, more than 2,000 people lived on the islands in the Indian Ocean, many with roots back to the late 18th century. There were thriving villages, a school, a hospital, a church, a railway and an undisturbed way of life. The islands were, and still are, a British crown colony. In the 1960s, the government of Harold Wilson struck a secret deal with the United States to hand over the main island of Diego Garcia. The Americans demanded that the surrounding islands be "swept" and "sanitized". Unknown to Parliament and to the US Congress and in breach of the United Nations Charter, the British Government plotted with Washington to expel the entire population.

    After demonstrating on the streets of Mauritius in 1982, the exiled islanders were given the derisory compensation of less than £3,000 per person by the British government. In the film, former inhabitants Rita Bancoult and Charlesia Alexis tell of how, in accepting the money, they were tricked into signing away their right to return home: "It was entirely improper, unethical, dictatorial to have the Chagossian put their thumbprint on an English legal, drafted document, where the Chagossian, who doesn't read, know or speak any English, let alone any legal English, is made to renounce basically all his rights as a human being."

    Today, the main island of Diego Garcia is America's largest military base in the world, outside the US. There are more than 4,000 troops, two bomber runways, thirty warships and a satellite spy station. The Pentagon calls it an "indispensable platform" for policing the world. It was used as a launch pad for the invasions of both Afghanistan and Iraq.

    The truth about the removal of the Chagossians and the Whitehall conspiracy to deny there was an indigenous population did not emerge for another twenty years, when files were unearthed at the Public Record Office, in Kew, by the historian Mark Curtis, John Pilger and lawyers for the former inhabitants of the coral archipelago, who were campaigning for a return to their homeland.

    John Pilger first become aware of the plight of the Chagossians in 1982, during the Falklands War: "It was pointed out to me that Britain had sent a fleet to go and save two thousand Falkland Islanders at the other end of the world while two thousand British citizens in islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean had been expelled by British governments and the only difference was that one lot were white and the others were black. The other difference was that the United States wanted the Chagos Islands - and especially Diego Garcia - as a major base. So nothing was said, which tells us something about the ruthlessness of governments, especially imperial governments."

    In April 2010, the British Government established a marine nature reserve around the Chagos Islands. Several months later, WikiLeaks published a US Embassy diplomatic cable from 2009 which read as follows: "Establishing a marine reserve might indeed, as the FCO's [Colin] Roberts stated, be the most effective long-term way to prevent any of the Chagos Islands' former inhabitants or descendants from resettling in the [British Indian Ocean Territory]."

    by George Freund on December 18, 2011 at 1:56 PM
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    Many of you were too young to remember the TV Mini Series Amerika. What happens after the takeover? What will you see? How will you cope? Kris Kristofferson will show you how.

    SEGMENT PART 1 of 13:


    Amerika is an American television miniseries that was broadcast in 1987 on ABC. The miniseries inspired a novelization entitled Amerika: The Triumph of the American Spirit. Amerika starred Kris Kristofferson, Mariel Hemingway, Sam Neill, Robert Urich, and a 17-year-old Lara Flynn Boyle in her first major role. Amerika was about life in the United States after a bloodless takeover engineered by the Soviet Union. Not wanting to depict the actual takeover, ABC Entertainment president Brandon Stoddard set the miniseries ten years after the event, focusing on the demoralized U.S. people a decade after the Soviet conquest. The intent, he later explained, was to explore the U.S. spirit under such conditions, not to portray the conflict of the Soviet coup.

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