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The Power Hour with Guest Host Katherine Albrecht
Posted by George Freund on August 12, 2011 at 1:54 PM

Ms. Albrecht is widely recognized as one of the world's leading experts on consumer privacy and is the Founder and Director of CASPIAN (Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering), a national consumer organization created in 1999 to educate consumer-citizens about shopper surveillance.

The first hour is an excellent dissertation on the mark of the beast system with an amphasis on children. They come disguised as angels of light. The Disney corporation is a classic example. They bait the children with their 'CANDY' and steal their souls for the Anti-Christ system they endeavor to create. 

It won't go easy for you if you resist. There will be force applied. The whole idea behind Guantanamo has been training and implimentation of a broader system.

Guile and ruse are their ways. Learn them. Coercion and force will be the next phase. Police state laws and the confiscation of arms are fundamental in that regard too. This is the end game. Where I disagree with Joyce who stated the only winning move is not to play the game, I know there is no option to not play. It will be forced upon us. The only winning move is to change the rules which is exactly what the NWO has been doing for many long years. We must restore the rules as they were written. God is the essence of a moral and just society. The 2nd Amendment is not evil. What is evil is the propaganda applied to us to turn the circle into a square. You reverse the process by changing the channel. 
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The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett
Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on August 12, 2011 at 1:54 PM

This Week On The Conspiracy Show


11pm The End Times

Richard welcomes a New York Times bestselling author, internationally recognized speaker and recognized expert on Bible prophecy and the Middle East.

GUEST: JOEL RICHARDSON is the author of "When a Jew Rules the World." Is the return of Jesus closer than you think? What are the most powerful prophetic signs being fulfilled in the earth today? How is the new Middle East after the Arab Spring aligning with the testimony of the biblical prophets? What are the little known prophetic signs that few are paying attention to?

is an artist, human rights activist, New York Times bestselling author, internationally recognized speaker and recognized expert on Bible prophecy and the Middle East. He is also an ongoing contributor to WND, and has been featured on or has written for “The Glenn Beck Show,” “The Mike Huckabee Show,” “The Gordon Liddy Show,” “The Dennis Miller Show,” Chicago Public Radio, “The Steve Malzberg Show,” “The Sid Roth Show,” "Jewish Voice Today," Janet Folger, Jan Markell, Janet Parshall, Kirby Anderson’s “Point of View,” the New York Daily News, the Blaze and FrontPage Magazine. Richardson is a husband and a father committed to the pro-life and adoption movements. His books include “The Islamic Antichrist,” “Mideast Beast: The Scriptural Case for an Islamic Antichrist” and “Why We Left Islam: Former Muslims Speak Out.”





12am Germanwings Crash


Richard invites the host of Conspiracy Cafe to discuss the inconsistencies in the recent Germanwings airplane crash tragedy. How could the pilot be locked out when all commercial airliners have a keypad outside cockpit door to prevent such a thing? In the post 9/11 world, can you imagine an axe being stored in cabin? Most people scratched their heads with that story, so they changed it to a crowbar. The debris pattern, tiny pieces spread over a mile is consistent with a plane exploding mid air. We know two Italian NATO planes were seen 'escorting' the plane just before it crossed into French airspace.

GUEST: GEORGE FREUND hosted his own popular talk show on That Channel delving into such issues as the debt crisis, 9/11, weather weapons and all things hidden. When reality is conspiracy then by definition conspiracy must be reality. For 20 years George has been a talk radio junkie revealing to millions upon millions the deep dark machinations of the shadow government. He has learned that corporate media is nothing but a slick propaganda machine to lure us into sleep. Conspiracy Cafe is an alternative media forum that challenges popular opinion with difficult truths. As a student with a passion for the intelligence history of the world, events can be applied to those dictum's. Those who don't know their history are condemned to repeat it. If there is anything learned from history, it is people learn nothing from history.



12:30am Planet X

Richard welcomes a amateur videographer with a passion for astronomy who captured original footage of Planet X or NIBIRU and has uploaded it to his Youtube Channel.

GUEST: ROBERT DUNN A Child of the 70's and a Graduate of the School of Hard Knocks. Has Always Been A Seeker of The Truth. Married with One Beautiful Daughter. Was Born Again & Redeemed by The Blood of Christ Jesus & Filled with The Holy Spirit in his Late 20's. Many Ups & Downs in his Life's Journey Before & Since. It's NOT Been a Cakewalk! Jesus NEVER Promised Us that It Would Be Easy Street. Been Pursuing the Truth about Planet X / Nibiru & How It Relates to End Times Biblical Prophecy, since Early 2011 & Uploading Videos of Same since 11/17/14



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