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The Power Hour July 25, 2011
Posted by George Freund on July 27, 2011 at 9:24 AM

Manchurian madness in old Norway. Youth camp on Utoya attacked after Olso bombing in the false flag operation of the summer season. Police have the usual drill. Codes are released to warn. The suspect had meetings in London and connections with the English Defence League. Make no mistake it has all the hallmarks of Al MI6da. The reason why? The lid was coming off the pot in the highest echelon of the black ops mandarins - Rupert Murdoch's media empire. It's not been about hacking; it's been about murder. Things were getting Hot Hot Hot. A terror attack would change the public scrutiny of the evil press acting as a front for the intelligence agencies. In the circle of Murdoch friends Matthew Freud linked to Rebekah Brooks and the deletions of messages on a murdered girl's phone and whose father had a villa where Madeleine McCann disappeared and whose great grandfather's statue stands beside the Tavistock Institute the home of the Manchurian muffin machine. Can it be true? Yes it can. Will they get away with it? Only if you let them. So change the channel!

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