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beyond the matrix
The Power Hour Nation Thursday, December 27, 2018
Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on January 3, 2019 at 6:37 PM

Joining us on The Power Hour Nation today is Max Igan renowned Australian broadcaster and independent thinker. Our discussion will revolve around his recent videos revealing that everything we have been told is a lie. We are manipulated by a propaganda matrix the likes of which very few are aware. Max has determined there was a nation edited from history. It was called Tartaria. It was mentioned in a declassified CIA document. There are issues with the past. There were scores of orphans in the 19th century. What happened to the parents? Then there's the copper roofs on buildings. Were they harnessing the Telsa energy?

My real given name will remain anonymous and my second name is Maxwell. My last name will also remain anonymous. I live in Queensland, Australia and at the time of writing this essay, it is June 2007 and I am 49 years old. The pen-name Max Igan that I have become known by is a combination of my middle name and my sons’ middle name. As a matter of interest, Igan is the original Irish spelling of the name Ian, and no, I do not have any Irish roots, we just liked the name. I decided upon the name Max Igan as my pen-name & internet identity as a tribute to my son and as a dedication to him. Any and all work I have done on the internet I have done mainly for him, first and foremost.

I have always had a strong love for art and music and spent many hours constructing drawings I would give away during my teenage years and a few pencil a pen drawings that I kept, some of which are displayed on this site. I began messing around in Photoshop, Bryce and a few other 3D programs in my spare time about 3 years ago and most of the art found on this site is a result of those ongoing efforts.


The Bucegi Mountain Secrets & Evidence

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