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False Flag Operations On Conspiracy Cafe 2008 12d 10
Posted by George Freund on August 8, 2017 at 3:41 PM

Another restoration project from December 10, 2010

This week's show details the role of the false flag operation from 911 to Mumbai. Learn what happens behind the scenes so you don't fall for the next war between India & Pakistan. Billionaire's Club goes bankrupt. Amero, Amero where for art thou Amero. Common words removed from the lexicon. Pooh can't find 'piglet'. No 'dukes' or 'duchesses'. No 'sin' must mean anti-Christ is in.



CONSTELLATION was owned by a victim of the Mumbai massacre.

Well Folks I've had a flashback regarding Mumbai and the secret covert wars we are plagued with. A British millionaire was centered out for execution. His name was Andreas Liveras. He was the 255th richest man in the world. He was a builder of yachts for the elite rich. One inparticular was the Lauren L which was formerly the Constellation. The Constellation was the yacht that delivered Russian sailors from Panama to Ecuador in a recent covert operation. Luxury yachts have always been used for such operations. One of the most famous was the Southern Cross in WWII days. It was sold from Howard Hughes to Axel Wenner-Gren. His mistress Inga Arvad was Hitler's companion at the 1936 Olympics and had an affair with young Ens. John F. Kennedy of the Office of Naval Intelligence. He was transfered to the South Pacific and combat duty but survived. Never underestimate the role of yachts on the Grand Chessboard.

Southern Cross

Electrolux Tycoon Axel Wenner-Gren, whose yacht Southern Cross rescued 399 Athenians (TIME, Sept. 11), added to the picture in his story for a Swedish newspaper: "The rooms, hallways and decks were crowded with hundreds of half-naked people. Many had been lying in bed, seasick . . . had to rush out on deck undressed. Many of the survivors were drenched with oil from the Athenians oil tanks which were shattered by the explosion."

Howard Hughes Howard Hughes' Yacht The Southern Cross Archive of Typed Letters Signed, handwritten telegrams, and other related items, 22 pieces in all.

Not content to only own airplanes, Howard Hughes purchased, in the early 1930s, a huge yacht of 425feet and named it The Southern Cross. It is known that Katharine Hepburn painted her first picture while cruising through the Bahamas with Hughes on this yacht in 1937. Carl B. Flynn was the captain of the ship and he accumulated this vast archive of interesting material. Included are approximately 19 telegrams, some in manuscript, as well as two Typed Letters Signed "Howard" by Hughes and an extremely detailed letter giving communications instructions to Flynn. The first letter is dated December 23, 1933 to Flynn and reads (in part): "I don't want you to waste any money in the operation and maintenance of the boat. I don't want you to let anyone overcharge you for any work or material. However, regardless of what it costs, I want you to do everything that is necessary or adviseable [sic] to insure that there is no deterioration of the boat, outside or inside. I expect this boat to last a lifetime, and saving a few dollars now at the expense of allowing the boat to deteriorate may cost more in the long run. I think it is cheaper to keep a boat in first class condition than to let it go to hell and then try to repair it."Hughes didn't keep it a lifetime- he sold it within six years of writing this letter. The most interesting of the items in this archive are the three pages of special instructions to Flynn and his assistant, showing more than just a hint of paranoia on Hughes' part. We'll mention a few: "All correspondence must be sent thru Cox and Stevens. Never Direct", "Never mention H.R.H's name", "Never mention the Boats name", "Pay cash", "When telegraph operator or clerk asks name, give name 'Jones' or none", "Sign all wires: 'C'", "Never phone from a placewhere anyone could overhear you", "Never use a phone that goes through a switchboard". Well, you get the picture. A fabulous archive of material and a rare opportunity for the collector. All items are in fine condition.

On Sunday 3rd September 1939, within a few hours of war being declared the Donaldson Liner Athenia, bound for Montreal with passengers of many nationalities who had boarded at Glasgow, Belfast and Liverpool, was torpedoed by German submarine U30 about 200 miles into the Atlantic. She was the first target, and many of those on board the first casualties, of World War II. I personally was not involved when the Athenia was torpedoed as I was only six years old but it is a time I have never forgotten as my father, Jimmy Mitchell, was the Athenia's carpenter. Thankfully he was one of the survivors. My mother and I spent several frantic days checking survivor lists at Donaldson's Offices, hotels and shops where lists were displayed.

Ninety three passengers including 69 women and 16 children were killed in the explosion and in accidents when lifeboats capsized, along with 19 of the Athenia crew. With 1101 passengers and 315 crew on board it was a miracle that so many survived. This was due entirely to the efforts, skills and courage of the crew.

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