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Conspiracy Cafe October 22, 2008
Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on November 5, 2016 at 4:07 PM

Obama's speech techniques are a form of hypnosis. Jerome Corsi arrested in Africa for telling the plain truth. Illuminati castle put up for sale. Singer Castle. Was it a 'playground' for dark sacrifice? Russian rights lawyer poisoned. Australia's fires. U.S. fire profits elites. European free trade deal secreted into place. Is Stephen Harper aspiring to be President of the North American Union? Canada's water up for sale. IRS computers have serious flaws. Indian moon launch. OPP discipline follies. MI5 spy chief comes clean on intelligence issues. Al Qaeda boosts McCain. Pirate action off Somalia and secret dumping of toxic material. Secret meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Colin Powell warns of pending attack. Bailout follies.

Singer Castle on Dark Island

In addition to Little Freddy, it is a little known secret that Singer Castle is, in fact, home to a U.S. President. While President Ulysses Grant first visited the Thousand Islands in 1872, he left the region after his famous campaign visit to Pullman Island also known as Castle Rest Island near Alexandria Bay.    

Now President George Bush Sr. who appears to be enjoying an extended and comfortable stay at Singer Castle - haunting guests from an upstairs bedroom closet.

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