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Donald Trump vs. Pope Francis REVERSE SPEECH Technology: "I'm the Evil, You seek"
Posted by George Freund on March 14, 2016 at 11:45 AM

Jeffrey Rense interview with David Oaks (founder of reverse speech technology which is considered pseudo science to the establishment)​ -​​ t​he same establishment that says vaccines are safe and effective​ and who are taking away our freedom.​

Jeff Rense and David Oaks evaluate short excerpts from Pope Francis's speeches forward and then "in reverse". Also, Mike Huckabee speaks out about the comments made against Trump by Pope Francis, recently, that he is not a Christian. So listen to this audio from the beginning. It is well worth it.

Every syllable is pretty clear. You can hear it yourself!

Reverse speech Pope Francis

18:18 I'm evil, you seek it

20:20 Eat the holy come

21:16 I rape the other kid

24:30 Murder was the Catholic answer

Reverse speech Donald Trump

29:50 America must serve God

31:00 I am the man (or is it I am Iman?) Iman means Faith in Arabic.

32:02 I heal this

32:40 Hillary lets see this email

33:38 America Now!

34:10 Believe It!

35:10 I was the one and I believe it

36:42 We love you

37:00 We value

37.27 Wake up, Wake up! We are the best America Yet!

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