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osama bin laden
The Power Hour News May 13, 2013
Posted by George Freund on May 13, 2013 at 8:25 PM

In this news brief Joyce knocks them flat with revelations of the murder of Ambassador Stevens and the stonewalling of the Administration. Hillary is pilloried. Obama is on notice for impeachment. Expect a new false flag event very soon. The deaths of Seal Team 6 are exposed as bloody murder. They were set up. What did they know? At least Conspiracy Cafe followers know. The Bin Laden mission was a fake. They most likely rescued the Crown Prince of Terror Hamza Bin Laden who was wounded at the Boston marathon. Done dare call it conspiracy, but WE DO!

Tags: Benghazigate ambassador stevens seal team 6 osama bin laden hillary clinton president obama libya war joyce riley the power hour
Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on May 13, 2013 at 8:25 PM

Osama meets Obama in the strategy of tension. Project Kill was it only a movie? Saddam at the execution. It looks more like him than the double. Jesuit murder in Moscow. Mexican Interior Minister killed in crash. North American Union. HAARP and the weather. Bacteria in the chemtrails. Pink sky over London. Pandemics SARS TB RTRTB MDRTB. Car sales down. Money supply up 341%. Are post government service jobs BRIBES? Russian economic union versus the U.S. Scientists speak out anthrax mailer couldn't technically do it. Sun portal blocked on Google maps. The Flux Transfer Event. The magnetic portal to the Sun. On Conspiracy Cafe we dare say it.

Flux transfer event



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Tags: osama bin laden barack obama chemtrails haarp project kill tb sars pink sky saddam hussein north american union jesuit murder government bribes money supply car sales down pandemics.