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April 2011
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The Power Hour April 18, 2011
Posted by George Freund on April 20, 2011 at 11:05 AM

The Japan quake, The Bible Code, The Canadian Election

In the Bible Code a decrypt was that friend delayed an atomic war. He will advise. My name is friend in German. My vocation is telling people about prophetic events. Compliments of Genesis and The Power Hour we tell a mass audiance. Just in case avoid the apocalypse by changing the channel.

Sandia's Z machine exceeds two billion degrees Kelvin

Scientists Drill a Mile Into Active Deep Sea Fault Zone

Chikyu drill prepares to pierce Earth's mantle

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Tags: Bible code , armageddon , friend delayed , the end of days , eliyahu rips , world war , canadian election , nuclear war
Lest We Forget on Conspiracy Cafe
Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on April 10, 2011 at 5:35 PM

Nov 11, 2010

We have this show rescued in the VIDEO section.

The sun sets on Remembrance Day. We remember the real causes of war and conflict. Adolf Hitler admiring the Crown jewels of the Holy Roman Empire. Teutonic Knights of the master race were committed to build their own order with a little help from their friends, the theft and recovery of the Crown jewels, the role of the Spear of Destiny in WWII, the secret Nazi crypt at Nordhausen tombs of the fatherland, manifest destiny of the Third Reich - the Bilderberg Group, WWI the end of the monarchies, the G20, American economic collapse a mathematical certainty, the mysterious missile launch off California, the truth of the Gulf seabed, the Earth wobble and the eruption of Mount Merapi. Lest we forget on Conspiracy Cafe.

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Tags: History , hitler , holy roman empire , spear of destiny , teutonic knights , nazi crypt , bilderberg group , earth wobble , mount merapi , gulf seabed
Until The End by The Night Watchman
Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on April 10, 2011 at 5:05 PM

Until The End by Tom Morello (The Night Watchman)

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