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CONSPIRACY UNLIMITED: The Las Vegas Massacre: Strange Timelines, Conflicting Evidence, and the Growing List of Dead Survivors
Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on December 4, 2017 at 8:46 PM

Richard Syrett is starting a new venture called Conspiracy Unlimited. I will be recording for a episode shortly. The topic will be the Las Vegas assault. This event most closely resembles the assassination of John Kennedy in Dallas. We have a lame duck cover story, a dead patsy and reports of multiple shooters and plots. However, since the truth sets us free, join us on the journey to the liberation of the human soul.

Who was Stephen Paddock? Trauma Surgeon comments. Assange's warning. The missing guard. Attended CIA mental facility. Award ceremony photoshopped. Missing and dead witnesses.  Dennis and Lorraine Carver. John BeilmanKymberley SuchomelThe High Incident Project. Crime Scene. Campos' handler raided. The mass casualty exercise. The Australian witness. CIA gunrunning. The FBI sting. 30 FBI agents checked in. Maverick Aviation and the mysterious helicopters. Gun control in the wings. Stephen Paddock intelligence asset. Child Trafficking. Paddock doppelganger Gene Sandy Hook Rosen.

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