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Dr. Charles Stanley The Strength to Stand
Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on June 18, 2017 at 8:16 AM

Does the same temptation throw you off course again and again? Regular, meaningful time alone with your heavenly Father is your first and best defense against all temptation.

LIfe brings us many Goliaths. Some are thoughts and ideas. Some are in the flesh. God will give us the strength we need when the situation requires it. All we need is the faith in him to stand firm. The largest Goliath will be the Liberal World Order and its quest for dominion. We must stand firm. I was tested last year by a Goliath. He tried to assault the old man. He thought it was an easy match. His swing grazed my forehead and I performed the classic police maneuver called kissing the ashphalt. His 250 pounds went down hard as God gave me enormous strength. I don't think he was accustomed to being on the receiving end. He tried stalking me for a while until I put him under surveillance and photographed his handlers and turned his local drug dealer in to the police. I'm sure he lost his usefulness after that. David can defeat Goliath. We can defeat the Liberal World Order of the anti-Christ if we hold firm and have faith. As I tell the agressors ever see RED Retired Extremely Dangerous? I'm not retired. 

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