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How to Survive a Satanic Attack - Part 2
Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on June 11, 2017 at 8:50 AM

Winning a battle is never easy, but without proper training and equipment it's impossible! Learn how to outfit yourself with the full armor of God in Ephesians six, and understand how to use godly equipment to win a spiritual war.

5 Prayers to Pray against Satanic Attack

How Do Christians Stand Firm Against Satanic Attack?

If there is anything the secular world is totally unprepared for, it is the Satanic attack. Our youth deprived of Christian teaching are helpless against the enemy Satan and his minions. This was one of the major reason Christianity was removed from the classrooms and replaced with anti-Christian values. I'm sure you have felt it. I'm sure you'd like to resist it and defeat it. Join the battle for your soul with Dr. Charles Stanley. The VICTORY will be yours.

As persons with knowledge of Satan's plan for dominion, we can expect regular onslaughts to divide us and conquer us. I'm amazed we let it happen. Thoughts of defeat or uncertainty come from Satan not God. Why do we accept them so readily. Pray them out. Close the door to his influence. We have a world and all its souls to save.

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