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The Power Hour James McCanney May 29, 2013 Weather Modification Second Hour
Posted by George Freund on May 30, 2013 at 9:38 AM

Teacher, scientist, author and radio host James McCanney will join The Power Hour today to discuss recent weather events and describe the possibility or potential of weather enhancement or manipulation.


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Tags: Weather modification , the power hour , joyce riley , james mccanney , moore tornado
The Power Hour News May 13, 2013
Posted by George Freund on May 13, 2013 at 8:25 PM

In this news brief Joyce knocks them flat with revelations of the murder of Ambassador Stevens and the stonewalling of the Administration. Hillary is pilloried. Obama is on notice for impeachment. Expect a new false flag event very soon. The deaths of Seal Team 6 are exposed as bloody murder. They were set up. What did they know? At least Conspiracy Cafe followers know. The Bin Laden mission was a fake. They most likely rescued the Crown Prince of Terror Hamza Bin Laden who was wounded at the Boston marathon. Done dare call it conspiracy, but WE DO!

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Tags: Benghazigate , ambassador stevens , seal team 6 , osama bin laden , hillary clinton , president obama , libya war , joyce riley , the power hour
The Power Hour News March 28, 2013
Posted by George Freund on March 29, 2013 at 8:53 AM

Another very important news briefing.

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Tags: The power hour , alternative news , joyce riley
The Power Hour News March 13, 2013
Posted by George Freund on March 16, 2013 at 8:06 AM

A good news briefing

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Tags: The power hour , alternative news , joyce riley
Augusto Perez 8/14/12 Covers Nibiru
Posted by George Freund on September 23, 2012 at 9:21 AM

An interesting topic. My concern, of course, is are they giving us the straight goods or do they have an agenda? They are sponsored by and sell preperation goods. Fear is good for business. 

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JR Moore: Military Families briefed to "Bug-Out" Soon due to "X" Passage
Posted by George Freund on September 23, 2012 at 8:16 AM

A great show Plant X in Bible Prophecy El Hierro The Coming Tidal Wave

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Aldous Huxley: The Ultimate Revolution
Posted by George Freund on October 24, 2011 at 9:30 AM

“There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.” Aldous Huxley

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Tags: Aldous huxley , ultimate revolution , soma , servitude , brave new world , brainwashing , concentration camp , dictatorship
The Power Hour September 19, 2011
Posted by George Freund on September 21, 2011 at 9:54 AM

The Google codes, 9/11 agents on the balcony setting the stage for terror, the state of the EU economy. How to handle the globalists? The Ceding Sovereignty Act. Put them in jail for ten years and take away their citizenship. Obama's love tryst to the west coast. The 'idols' of the House of Blues Foundation Room a charitable enterprise. A new 'georgism': Great struggles are not won by resting on our laurels. They are won by taking initiative. Case in point Crossing the Delaware. Holidays the programmed advance for evil. The Federal Reserve Act was passed Christmas 1913. 

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Tags: Eu , debt , sovereignty , george washington , crossing the delaware , debt , google doodles , house of blues , idols , 9/11 , wtc balcony scene , the b thing , gelatin , live nation
The Power Hour August 22, 2011
Posted by George Freund on August 24, 2011 at 9:03 AM

More Not News of the World. Rupert Murdoch's media empire in America is a criminal mafia. They were in the protection racket in NYC. They posted operatives in Delray Beach Florida training venue for 9/11 pilots. They ran a counter intelligence unit at Fox News. They bought politicians with book deals. He owned the mayor of New York and the Police Commisioner. That has to mean he owned 9/11. Was he the head of the snake? Are the Carlucci's the one two punch of terrorism?

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Tags: Rupert murdoch murder , new york post , 9/11 , paul carlucci , frank carlucci , delray beach , flight school , gloria irish , bernard kerik
The Power Hour August 8, 2011
Posted by George Freund on August 10, 2011 at 10:41 AM

The little words used in mind control are revealed. Change is the latest. It was used as a campaign slogan for Adolf Hitler. Remember was a classic. After the false flag or setup we remember the massacre from the Alamo to 9/11. The word and the emotions take away your ability to reason and make you a slave to the programming. The child murders and the elites. Piers Morgan suspect. We're on to them. 

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Tags: Piers morgan , gareth williams , madeleine mccann , mind control , change , remember , freud hilton , chipping norton , d notice , tony blair , david cameron
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