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Friday June 30, 2017 9:00 AM - Thursday July 6, 2017 11:00 PM

The war drums are beating loudly. We can hear the old cry from WW1 echoing in the modern era to set the stage for WW3 in Syria GAS! GAS! GAS! Don't fall for it. Trump has turned to Syria for his good buddy Rupert News of the World Murdoch. Genie Oil will be rubbed out of the lamp. Large parts of the world will be exterminated for it. You'd don't have to be one. You can change the channel. 

We digress at the passing of The Power Hour's Joyce Riley an icon in the alternative news field and the tumultuous liaison with the show. 

Trump's Red Line. The case for Sarin fails. Russian defense minister harassed by NATO fighter. What does the summer solstice Google doodle mean? Russian fighters scramble for bombers. Russia's mega drill on the horizon. Russia fires cruise missiles into Syria. Iran responds with ballistic missiles. Russia establishes new Syrian base. Israel still at war with Syria returns fire. ISIS Israel's proxy army. Secret talks. The collusion narrative fails. Russia's new satellites. Record sniper kill a secret go command? Canadian forces lambasted in Latvian press. Middle East war escalation. Qatar's ultimatum. PLA doing international nuclear exercise. DIA assesses Russia. Russia fears regime change. Reasons to avoid  war. Will Russia respond with force? Chemical attack warnings heeded. Poroshenko meets Trump. Ukraine moves up artillery to contact line, tortures captured prisoners to death. Massive cyber attack.

EU MEP says transplant whole villages of refugees. Central EU nations prepare defenses. More migrant crime in Sweden. Is clean water the answer? CIA hacking setup. It's Crowdstrike. NWO Ken doll harbinger of the new humanoid. The mark of the beast is a human right. Useless eaters legislated to death. Finsbury Park false flag cover up. London fire tower was scheduled for demolition. James Fetzer's Sandy Hook redux. Tackling the mass shooter. The Portuguese forest fire. Comey 'tapes.' Mueller delivered uranium to the Russians for Hillary. The extremist on the left. Trump NOT under investigation. Bernie's rich. CNN lies about the Russian connection. Facebook's CIA history. Illinois in the hole to the tune of 15 billion. Data the resource. Ron Paul says cut the IRS save the economy. On Conspiracy Cafe it's GAS GAS GAS!