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The World's a Stage on Conspiracy Cafe

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Friday November 3, 2017 12:00 PM - Thursday November 9, 2017 10:00 PM


The stage is set for drills and revolution November 4th with ANTIFA'S day of action and an amateur radio exercise. No phones, no lights, no motor cars not a single luxury as a result of the EMP. Terror Inc.? New York truck attack. George Soros says WAR! Austria outs Soros. ANTIFA joins with Islam to silence critics. REAPER botnet. People overwhelmingly fear government not terror. I guess they know who creates the terror. The left is dead. Obama funded alt left. Pending Russo American war. NATO nuclear exercise. Russia fires SATAN ICBM's. Weird anomalies in the Arctic sky. U.S. can arm Euro missiles covertly. North Korean war could break out. North Korea evac and black out drill. China prepares for war. Nuclear site at risk. B-2 bomber to follow Trump with nukes. Decapitation team ready. Mattis studies Korean War. Ukraine's Satan's Lair rocket plant. Putin gave Donbass refugees citizenship. NATO arms found among Syrian rebels. Russia's replica cities prepared infiltrators. U.S. special forces at Russian border. Russia considers pulling out of NATO agreement. 

The war on truth. Wikileaks versus Clinton. Withholding JFK records stinks. FBI memo says multiple shooters. Alternative reporting. Genocide Google Doodle. APPS hijack your mind. iPhone mind control. Putin warns against super GM soldiers. China creates voice data base. Morphing camouflage. Paddock NASA? Paddock gun runner. Paddock child trafficker. Campos' union boss a racketeer. Campos spotted at MK Ultra central. Award dinner faked. The missing and dead witnesses. Trauma surgeon's analysis. Helicopter evacuation. Assange says terror created by FBI. A classic example. The age of consent, magazine capacity to reach the liberal's favorite number TEN! Pro gun news person threatened by peace loving gun banners. Panama papers journalist murdered. Does it go to the Clintons?

Yellowstone super volcano. The California fires geoengineered or not. Spain and Portugal too. ICE arrests suspect protected by safe cities. Radioactive spraying. Clinton, DNC paid for Trump dossier. Uranium deal bribes. Putin's Hillary sting. Obama's assassination army. Remnants of the republic. Mueller's hedge fund linked to Russia Madoff. Never Trump billionaire makes up with Trump. Disbar Comey. Adam Schiff the new McCarthy for personal gain. Hillary's 70th. Saudi Arabia being humbled by the banks. Trump doubles. NFL losing fans. Fast and Furious arrest. Trump's Niger faux pas. Plague spreading from Madagascar. Sugar feeds cancer. Who's minding the mint? Fake gold bar released for sale. The World's a Stage on Conspiracy Cafe.