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Saturday August 6, 2016 4:00 PM - Friday August 12, 2016 3:00 PM

The illusion is going well. The majority of Americans still believe there are free and fare elections. We know different. By hook or by crook the results will be adjusted for establishment Hillary. Armed man tries to burst into Trump Tower. It comes with a false story that may be a veiled warning to Trump. The Economist magazine says globalists unite against Trump. His coup in the works. The assassin's creed or the big broom? Assange says Hillary enjoys killing. The E-Mails are evidence. She lies about the Russians. Israeli intelligence said it was an inside job. Russians prefer Trump. Hillary's blue blood. DNC reverse speech analysis. See how they die. Seth Rich. Joe Montano. Victor Thorn. Shawn Lucas. Molly Macauley. U.S. spy plane makes unscheduled landing in Russia. The TPP is a real issue. Obama signs GMO bill. Melania Trump a Proverbs 31 woman. The wrath of Khan. Hinckley to be freed. Will he shoot Trump? 

Russia massing on the Ukrainian border. Rebels attack en masse. NATO rep killed in Ukraine. Libya bombed by USS Wasp. Royal Navy's best docked. Turkish media accuses U.S. in coup criminal complaint lodged. Marketing war. Gas charges in Syria. Children make smoke to hinder bombers. New bomb for ISIS HOT as the SUN! The nuclear issue. Mystery lights in the sky. Terror case overturned as entrapment. Canadian embassy linked in ISIS recruitment. Paris bus fire bombed. Chainsaw attack on truck. Demand for Merkel's resignation. Soldiers of Allah. Kaine's Islamic connection. Terror photographer Mossad asset. American woman killed by Islamist in London.

Ireland arrests banker. Police raid Slovenian Central Bank recovery money larceny. Donald says get out of the markets. Worst 'recovery' ever. Sell everything warning. Junk bonds collapse. Oil decreasing further. Deutsche Bank on the skids. Pinocchio says no. Italy's banks getting worse. Germany may allow bailout. Corporate debt addiction. Short sellers burned. China's housing bubble. Japan says low rates forever. Stock already crashing. Warning sign. UN gun grab. Interpol Chief says carry. Lawsuit over Sandy Hook fake. Chandra Levy killer cleared. Police clone fingerprint. Abortion drug in vaccine. The modern frequency weapon is upon us. Navy names ship after Harvey Milk. On Conspiracy Cafe we go beyong the left, right paradigm.  

A prophetic length to the show it appears 1:19:30.