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Wednesday December 14, 2016 7:10 PM - Tuesday December 20, 2016 12:00 PM


We stand at the brink of a quantum shift in human existence. A new era of peace and prosperity could be heralded, but the evil ones have many plots on the horizon. Will the new king be the fulfillment of the Marduk prophecy from Mesopotamia?

The Pearl Harbor anniversary reminds us of the complicity. NIST reports fire did not bring down WTC7. Reports of influx of Muslim men at Mexican border. Canadian military on improvised explosives training jihad. Is a false flag coming? Germany's BfV intelligence agency infiltrated by jihadist. Villa Kerry housed notorious Nazi war criminal. Buzz Aldrin's Antarctic warning. The end run Welcome to 2030 the green police state. No more gender. The 340th Anniversary of the Determination of the Speed of Light Google Doodle targets D.C. and invokes The Marduk Prophecy. There are five books and Marduk's star is Nebiru. Finnish mayor and reporters assassinated. Killer concealed by press a jihadi perhaps. Elite bunkers. Prepping community folds.

How was your dinner Mitt? Breakfast at Hillary's?

Recount collapses. Trump votes up. Some electors won't vote Trump. Russia pegged in secret agenda to derail election. Bundestag hacked. Russians blamed. Russia hacked. CIA confirms. The issue is the evidence not how it was uncovered. Where's Julian Assange? Hillary pegs 'fake' news. Pizzagate. EU attacks social media. Norwegian child porn bust ignored by news. Secret Service loses vehicles, arms, radios, computers and badges. No jokes on SNL for that. Are they planning an assassination? Pence ready to be President. SNL Baldwin presentation on Trump coded assassination plot. Will they do it in New York on Saturday night? Better get Sessions going Donald. Hillary approved sarin gas for rebels. Obama took money from VA to sponsor 'refugees.' 307,000 died. UN demands U.S. pay reparations to blacks. Trump to keep jobs stateside. Trump's picks. Rothschild managed Trump. Russian banks hacked.

The democratic 'IN' crowd feast after spirit cooking. Eat the pain.

Turkey to oust Assad. Is that war with NATO? Russia asks for clarification. Congress approves NO FLY ZONE. Aleppo collapses. Syrian Israel conflict. Trump to alter Obama strategy. Trump, Putin peace. Brits use Russian tanks. Russia's mind war. Tunisian drone flights. Chinese buildup on Indian border. USS Wasp assumes Mediterranean station with 4,000 troops.

Massive stock bubble. Trumphoria. Borrowing for prosperity. It works, but the problem was capital flight the basis of modern free trade today. Italy says NO to EU. Market reaction temporary. Austria goes YES. The homeless crisis. Russia wants Soros. Liberals go big on police state. The Trudeau crimes. Afghani 'boys' rape Swedish boy. 5 killed as Ukrainian cops shoot it out. Britain bans Christian archbishops from entry. New lead in Maddie case. Cleric killed in Pakistan crash. Dinosaurs had feathers. The Music Room sound weapons in the music.