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Power Hour Nation Friday July 16, 2021

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Friday July 16, 2021 12:00 PM - Thursday July 22, 2021 2:00 PM

The posse rides again with a plea to Sheriffs to defend the Union. They are all that's left. Our leaders are under the control of a foreign power, a biological agent has been released upon us. We are being herded to the denouement. The blatantly uninformed are rushing to the cliff to leap to eternity. It is a test of faith. Very few have any. The Lord revealed the Book of LIfe to me. It is your DNA. Your name is written within it. Rewriting the code removes it. Your fate is the lake of fire.

Dr. Carrie Madej reveals the transhumanist agenda. Dr. David Martin follows the patent trail. We have been had by the crime of the century. They patented the cure before the disease. The variants are nothing more than fragments of something created in a lab. The fear and the hype are to drive us into Egypt again. However, it isn't as effective as they made it out to be. The cure body count is rising.

Joining us in the second hour will be John Bentley author of The Royal Secret.


After traveling half the ancient world in my teens by boat, car and foot, I have since lived life as an inventor, media entrepreneur and hedonist, producing the cult movie The Wicker Man among others and in 1995 launching the world’s first Internet TV as a social media enterprise. see

The Royal Secret is written as a mystery thriller of fact and fiction set between the present and the past. Uprooting many past preconceptions of historic figures. In it religion, philosophy, the paranormal, poetry and politics mix with science and sex.

Shakespeare and Tudor fans will find as much interest in it as those of the Templars, Free-masons and Holy Grail. It is a tale of life and its truths. As the Illuminati celebrities of Beyonce and Lady Gaga and the power maniac politicians of our age toy carelessly with Satan and war has humanity yet learned enough to save it from destruction in its nuclear age?

The Royal Secret sites on Pinterest and Pearltree help involve the reader with the characters and places in the book and the opposing philosophical and religious arguments raised. I advise readers to browse them for greater interest before taking on the book, or for reference during or after reading it.

As you know this broadcaster deiscerns there is a War of the Multiverse that we are mired in. It is a quantum omnipresent struggle. One of the main nexus points was the Elizabethan era and the infamous Sir Francis Bacon. He was true sacred pen of Shaksper among a group of writers and intellectuals known as the good pens.

Contained within the script were coded texts. Sir Francis Bacon was a concealed son and heir to Elizabeth. He lived in an era where words meant torture and death. Heresy was the worst of crimes next to treason. We are entering a renewed era where thought crimes are the rage again as we enter the totalitarian world as prisoners. You see there was a plot to bring a remedy upon the world that would alter the DNA of our race and roboticize them. Through fear and manipulation, we are forced to our knees on obeyance willingly.

Francis Bacon was the master mason of England. He translated the King James version of the bible. He was an occultist. He wrote The New Atlantis a book describing the new 'world.' With our modern interpretation of the clouds of the bible, is that another synthetic dimension? I postulate yes.