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The Power Hour Nation Thursday April 15, 2021

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Thursday April 15, 2021 12:00 PM - Wednesday April 21, 2021 2:00 PM

NATO vows to support Ukraine, warns Russia on troop buildup

Rebel News reporters arrested in Montreal, AirBnB raided by police

 Pay particular attention to the Sunday Toronto Star front page. The woman gets a jab 'alien' style. The implant lights up. The writing on the wall is like DNA almost.

Protests break out in Montreal after the city's latest Covid curfew

Direct Observation of Worm‐Like Nanochannels and Emergent Magnon Motifs in Artificial Ferromagnetic Quasicrystals

The conspiracy theory has a name. It was science all the time.

Wayback to 2017.

Why one man left Silicon Valley and set up a survival camp

Former Facebook employee Antonio García Martínez has worked in Silicon Valley for many years and believes technology is evolving so fast it could disrupt the world's order. He has bought a plot of land on an island near Seattle as a place to escape if the world were to revolt against technology.

The new currency is 5.56 mm.

Nursing Home Worker Fired for Refusing Daily Covid Test

"I didn't quit, I refused the test and was denied access to the building."

"This daily testing policy for the unvaccinated has nothing to do with protecting others from asymptomatic transmission. The terribly uncomfortable and invasive procedure is being used as an instrument of coercion, a form of medical torture meant to force our submission to becoming test subjects for the experimental vaccines."

Essentially means unvaccinated are being denied employment. What next? Food?

Ask the Jews from the 40's. I think we all know. So does the government. The race for arms is on. They planned this holocaust all along.


Cruise Ships Play Crucial Role in St. Vincent Volcano Rescue

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves said in a press conference that only vaccinated people from the island would be eligible to board the cruise ships to take temporary refuge on another island.

St. Lucia, Grenada, Barbados, and Antigua have all volunteered to accept evacuees, also on the condition that they be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Frederick Forsyth Says Government Has Launched "Campaign Of Mass Fear" Against British Public

Iconic author Frederick Forsyth has accused the UK government of waging a “campaign of mass fear” against the British public by using psychological methods to ensure compliance with lockdown that resemble those used against East Berliners in the 1960’s.

Toronto Blue Jays players sick from vaccines

Galatians 5:19 has the word pharmakeia which means the use and administration of drugs. Why does the NIV translate it as witchcraft?

Cops Force-Vaccinate Special Needs Girls Calfornia/

EAZY SLEAZY — Mick Jagger with Dave Grohl

He must listen to me on Power Hour. There's aliens in the deep state. Bill Gates is in my blood. It's mind control.


REVEALED: Biden's nominee for ATF head is an anti-gun lobbyist who was at the Ruby Ridge standoff and Waco massacre – and lied about cult members shooting down helicopters

Biden pick to head the ATF David Chipman held 'Ask Me Anything' Reddit thread last year where he is revealed to have lied about aspects of the Waco Massacre

Chipman claimed Branch Davidian cult members were able to shoot down to U.S. helicopters with .50 caliber Barretts even though this event never happened

ATF showed up at the religious sect's ranch in 1993 with a search and siege warrant for illegal firearms and weapons in the facility – a massive fire ensued

The handling of the Waco incident quickly became the subject of major criticism after 76 Branch Davidian members and five ATF agents were killed

Chipman was also involved as an ATF agent with the Ruby Ridge stand

CNN executive admits "Our goal was to get Trump out, we lied, made everything up and we did it. Next is Climate Change

Chlorinated swimming pool water can kill COVID virus in just 30 SECONDS, study finds


Biden raises stakes in Ukraine stand-off as he phones Putin to tell him to back down: President warns Russian leader to 'de-escalate tensions' after Moscow told America to keep warships away 'for their own good'

I got a bad feeling about this this time. As I said on various radio programs, the democratic leadership is tied to the Peoples Temple cult of Jim Jones. That includes the VP now. They were a nuclear annihilation cult. It includes Pelosi and Feinstein.

NATO concentrating over 40,000 troops near Russian border

Kremlin does not rule out Russia’s disconnection from Western payment systems