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The Power Hour Nation Thursday, April 4 2019

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Thursday April 4, 2019 4:00 PM - Thursday April 11, 2019 6:00 PM

We return to OZ as Australia's finest, Max Igan, joins us to discuss the events surrounding the Christchurch mosque shooting. He is a movie special effects master and expert in modern recording. He is of the opinion the recording is real. The issues around it stem from the video file being compressed and the slow internet speed. He put the recording through filters and it appeared genuine to him. However, the recording has been banned by edict of New Zealand PM Jacinta Ardern. The Australian government has banned it as well. The tech giants have co-operated to make this a global edict. The reason is the shooter's handler and get away car are recorded. 

In America the First Amendment has been erased by British Parliaments. Not only that, the Second Amendment is now under the greatest threat in the history of the union. Remember it was the British attempt to seize the arms of the colonists that started the war of the Revolution. Is there irony here? They're attempting to disarm the American people before they're conquered by the NWO globalists. They're removing the alternative media platforms prior to the election to in effect rig it. They are fomenting a new American civil war. I would call that an ACT OF WAR!

I would be a difficult president to these shills. I would recognize the governments of New Zealand and Australia as the greatest threat to the United States. I would place Canada as the next greatest threat. I would cut them off from all intelligence and military technology. I would even go so far as to position a fleet of both New Zealand and Australia to practice maneuvers. I would encourage all Americans and American businesses to cut their ties with these rogue nations the antithesis of freedom. You may feel that is harsh, but they are both total and complete Orwellian states masquerading as free. That is anathema. In fact the Daily Mail reported that criminal gangs in the UK stole billions of British pounds from the public purse and distributed the moneu to Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan. Leaders of these gangs rubbed elbows with Tony Blair. Jacinta Ardern was Tony Blair's adviser. What is she? She the Queen of the South as I reported last time the mistress of evil subduing the world onto the one world police state prophecy has warned us of. 

If you sit on your collective asses and wait until the planned regime change, you'll be facing the civil war outcome as the extreme police state rolls out against the people. In the short period of time until then there is a window of opportunity to preserve, protect and defend the republic. Once that window closes, your chances will be significantly reduced. I would ask the president to form a continental citizen army. I would ask Sheriffs to form posse. I would ask the people to organize their militias. I would ask the president to arrest the tech heads for sedition and rendition them to GITMO. I would occupy all their facilities. This is a time for action. If no action is taken, then WE THE PEOPLE will become enemies of the NWO super state. They will not be kind. We never asked for this. It was thrust upon us. This will be a very significant moment in American history. Ironically spoken by citizens of states already subdued or close to being subdued by the globalist deep state. JOIN US!