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Friday August 31, 2018 5:00 PM - Saturday September 8, 2018 6:00 PM

After a long hiatus I will be returning to Power Hour Nation to attempt to save Canada and the United States from the clutches of the New World Order. Canada's criminal cabal masquerading as a government has declared was on the sport shooting fraternity in response to the recent Toronto shooting. The Islamic radical is left completely out of the equation. His name isn't even mentioned. It's just the 2.5 milliom loyal Canadian sport shooters that are the enemies of the state. They are generally uninformed and in denial. This is classic art of war action. There can be little doubt this was an Operation Gladio style event to induce hatred on gunowners Orwell style. It is a form of ethnic cleansing really. As in the holocaust people are villified for society's ills, deprived licenses, have their property confiscated, threatened with long terms of internment and executed for non compliance. 

We will eulogize the American traitor John McCain. He was a complete disgrace in Vietnamese custudy, was responsible for numerous pilots being shot down, and was the likely cause of the USS Forrestal fire. He's taken money from the Saudi's and the public purse according to some sources. 

We may dabble on the coming war or enslavement of the people of our nations and the things that have to be regarded like turncoats collecting lists of patriots for elimination like Alex Jones' new conditions on his website. 

All in all it won't be dull. 


THE POWER HOUR NATION Friday, August 31, 2018