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Tuesday July 24, 2018 11:00 AM - Monday July 30, 2018 8:00 PM


NWO forces circle their wagons in the continuing onslaught against Donald Trump. However, we read the twilight language. The encoded message in the Daily News cover reveals the plot against the president is real, he has a secret military union with Russia, he is annointed by YHWH to lead the forces of righteousness against the global cabal attempting to establish the one world government of the anti-Christ. That was some banner headline. Perhaps they had no idea they revealed their hand in the revelation. 

Doug Ford hires a former liberal premier to look at the cooked books. A Toronto cop released details of a coming terrorist attack. In hindsight he was right on the money. Why did the Chief cancel the alert after one day? Now we have Toronto terror again. MGM sues Las Vegas victims with DHS law protecting them. Not even Orwell could have thought it would be that bad. WWG1WGA the mighty Q is an intelligence asset greasing the wheels for a new form of government. Say what? We have a form of government. We don't need a new one. Trump hated for speaking the truth, threatens global security or the rising NWO. Nobody protested Erdogan or the Saudi prince. Summit details. Deep State panic. Putin reveals $400 million illegal campaign donation to Hillary. Bill Browder long time communist stooge implicated. Operation Quake. CIA Director John Brennan was a communist agent. White House lights go out a threat to Trump? Hacking an act of war. You don't know the meaning of the word. Veteran intelligence specialists say NO! Remember Imran Awan? DNC Chair allowed Russians to steal intelligence. China was hacking Helsinki Summit

Walk Away Founder gets the 'treatment.' Demoncrats remind me of the age, old Star Trek Return of the Archons. The hive mind of Landru must be obeyed. Those outside of the body absorbed. Left promotes violence. Trump release Tommy. Hidden Trillions. Twitter destroys evidence. Russia sues. Peter Strzok super demon. Strzok versus Flynn. Comey told him to do it. White Helmets evaced. Israel attacks Syria again. Russia blockades Ukraine. ICE cracks Pedogate. Editorial normalize pedophilia. Guccifer 2.0 an intell operation. Indictments were swiped. The Obama trance. AI on the battlefield. Scott Bennett follows the 9/11 money trail. Military knew of JFK assassination weeks before. Wilcock goes Lucifer on GAIAIsrael codifies zionism. Italian forensic experts verify Paul replaced. Blackwater gets deep water Afghanistan war. Thanos extols genocide. Planned Parenthood killed more black babies than the KKK. Belief in God gets zero grade. Zombie homeless in San Francisco. Net terror ideation gets life sentence. Might as well do it for real. Trade War. Ron Paul says we're at the brink. The 2018 Everything Bubble. 3 times more debt than money. Bankers jailed for fixing rates. Google pays fine. On Conspiracy Cafe it's TREASON!