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Friday June 2, 2017 1:00 PM - Thursday June 8, 2017 2:00 PM


The Echo Chamber has sounded. There is heresy in the wind. The culprits include a former Australian tennis sensation Margaret Court who dared form an independent thought on the new human condition transgenderism. The Manchester bombing debacle. The deep information base. The open door and the intelligence chief. The usual suspects. The strategy of tension. The leak. The injured are not injured. The film not shown at 11. Known to authorities. Terrorize the terrorists. Trump's magical mystery tour. Trump and the procurer of children. The house of Kushner. Peace through superior blackmail. Russiagate? Comey leaked files to private parties. The Comey file. Trey Gowdy corners Brennan with the 'C' word. TV formed your opinions on Assad. The propaganda ban in the U.S. was repealed in 2013. U.S. bombs Syria. Love from Manchester

Sean Hannity heretic. The dark state wages a mind jihad. The police state was always there. Democracy Now joins the echo chamber. Cleansing the media from the truth about Seth Rich. Panic in the corridors of power. Assange had the proof. Parties to Seth Rich tied to Podesta. Hmm? Alex Jones a CIA front? Venezuela goes hungry. Plunge Protection Team working. Did they save the market? Toronto's house bubble. Home Capital needs a loan. Pension fund fills the void. India's response to economic turmoil the AIIB. The monuments to slavery are the banks. 

Seal Team 6 waylayed in North Korea. USS Nimitz group heading to station. Kim develops new ant-air system. Americans test missile interceptor. Ottawa pundit says give ultimatum to Russia. It worked in 1914. Russian MP verifies a nuclear response. Why does ISIS not attack Israel? Russia suggests end of the unipolar world order. Crimea reinforced. Putin discusses the master plan. Everything is in place. No one can stop us now. Pinky and the Brain world global domination. A Constitutional militia. Eerie weather lightning bolts. Foreign influence in Canada's last election. Wi-Fi sees through walls. Li-Fi can listen. On Conspiracy Cafe the Echo Chamber.