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Posted by George Freund on October 23, 2011 at 9:40 AM

This has been a tough one. To be able to see through the many facets of an intelligence operation of this magnitude takes careful reflection and study. We normally race to conclusions already drawn by the media. As in many other cases most notably Osama Bin Laden, corrections have been made to the script to counter skeptics like us. In that event we were denied access to the crime scene and the body. With the 'death' of Muammar Gaddafi that was changed.

We think we see things put before our eyes. We don't. Actually our brains fill in the gaps and create a somewhat artificial observation. Knowing these things we sit and wait for the criminals to leave a trail. We look over the evidence in a rational manner and then start to draw conclusions.

Most media even the alternative genre leap to conclusions under the pressure of having something to peddle fast. That is our weakness - speed. So let's look at the problems with the latest version of Film Fiction 101. 

I have the advantage of being familiar with firearms through employment and hobbies. Who could not be impressed with the golden gun a play on the classic James Bond novel and subsequent film 'The Man with the Golden Gun'. This is our clue that this is an intelligence operation.

This pistol from Libya is the classic Model 1935 Browning Hi Power in 9 mm parabellum. It is specially engraved and at least gold plated. It wouldn't surprise me that this was a gift from FN (Fabrique National) a firearms manufacturer with lucrative arms contracts around the world. You will notice it is the Model of 1935. This pistol fell off the chart in the 80's and 90's after the double action automatics came into vogue. The Glock pistol was one of those. So what's the point? I'm sure Muammar had more than one pistol like he had more than one pair of trousers. I doubt if he was wearing old bell bottoms. In fact considering the pistol was probably a gift from the nations bombing him, it probably lost a litte bit of sentimental value. It police terminology it was a throw away.

(Of note is the relative cleanliness of these 'warriors'. You would think a little blood or brain splatter would have soiled their clothing. Of specific reference the NY baseball cap. Wearing a symbol of the country bombing you could get a kid beat up at school or killed in a war. It's relatively clean. Was it a gift from the movie men of Film Fiction 101?)

We would like to find a conspiracy in the equation. We have. Another thing Muammar had several of were doubles. In the picture database we found numerous different but similar Muammar Gaddafi's as well. Whether they like it or not, they are throw aways too.

All Gaddafi's all different

Another part of the conspiracy equation is there are several stories being pedaled too. One is he was shot with his own golden gun. Then there is the photographic evidence which shows another cheaper pistol pointed at his head. In the video of the ambulance chase another man and another pistol claim responsibility for the dastardly deed.

Gaddafi shot at point blank range - Tv9

This video shows closeups of the wounds at the morgue which are being suppressed in western controlled media.

In this shot we see the face of Muammar and the rear of the pistol. Some of the lustre of the gold seems to be missing. Pay attention to the victim. There are abnormalities from the other Muammar at the morgue. This one plucks his eyebrows and trims his beard and mustache like in an old classic movie.

Notice the golden gun in this image has turned to blue steel with a semi-concealed hammer. The shooter is not wearing a blue 'I love you' T shirt either.

In fact the cute kid with the golden gun seems to be entirely missing. from this image.

Now we get to Muammar directly. In these two images from the scene (upper) and the ambulance (lower), we seem to see a much younger man. The eyebrows are plucked and the beard and mustache are not the usual frazzled appearance like we will see.

Now in these two images we see a gaping wound with light at the other side of the skull shining through. With each different angle, There is a different colour representing the background of the image. If these are not photoshopped, then this is a devastating wound.

Now in these morgue shots we see the facial hair is back to normal. The eyebrows are wider, blacker and the hair is longer and frazzled as in many other images of the Colonel through history. So like the guns, do we have more than one Muammar? In circumstances like fleeing, it is not uncommon to have the doubles take the dangerous routes while you take the safest. 

In the classic script writing of Film Fiction 101 there is a repeat of the cave/tunnel story as opposed to the compound (girl's school) used in the Osama Bin Laden fable. If you can read the graffiti, let me know. I'm sure it's pertinent.

There we have it - two or more Muammars, two or more murder weapons, two or more stories and only one conspiracy. It's a fake.

In fact we learn today the Gaddafi convoy was disabled by NATO even setting the stage for the drama.

Air strike hit 11 vehicles in Gaddafi convoy -NATO

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