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Posted by George Freund on September 26, 2011 at 8:35 AM

Everyone must be aware of the story of the Titanic. It was probably the most famous ship wreck in history. It has been commonly related to the global economy. The main reason is the belief that both were unsinkable.

There is no mistake about the illusion of invincibility they had with the Titanic. The bulkheads they installed weren't complete. If the ship was compartmentalized, it wouldn't have foundered. The global economy was compartmentalized by the borders of nation states or regions of allied nations. The free trade mantra of the last few decades has ripped those compartments asunder. The wreckers deny there is any relation to the sinking and the removal of national boundaries. They are on a mission to increase trade which in reality means increase the profits of the elite rich.

So like the Titanic there are lookouts shooting, "Iceberg dead ahead!" The Captain is punch drunk cashing in his chips in the global casino. The great benefit is the global economy is a very slow moving ship. We can steer away from the iceberg or even change the ship mid voyage to one with proper compartments.

Our leaders understand the risk using words like exposure or contagion when describing the issue. In the espionage world, there is a term called blow back. When you open the door things can flow in or out. The globalists promise us this is a one way trip. It can't be. That is impossible. We can start sealing the compartments as opposed to tearing them down. We can switch from the fiat currency system or we can strike the berg and watch the ship sink.

That is where gold and other precious metals come in. They are a lifeboat not an investment. Most ships spend a lot of money on lifeboats. They never use them. In fact you don't want to. However, you don't ever want to be in a situation where you don't have one. Then you are at the mercy of the sea. Your chances of survival will be very, very slim.

What that means is the dollar value of your precious metals is meaningless because you have left the dollar system and entered into the weight system - ounces. Your ounce of gold will be an ounce of gold thousands of years from now. Whenever the need arises it will be there. Many people own firearms. You have them to put food on the table or protect your life. Their value in dollars isn't very important. When you are hungry and need to hunt, they are priceless. When someone is killing your kin, they are priceless. 

There are reasons the dollar value of gold is changing downward. The most important one is the banks are desperate for cash and they are chopping up their lifeboats. That should encourage you to hold yours more securely. 

Another factor is gold is sold in the futures market another casino. They buy gold on margins. You don't. As the ship starts to ebb into the water futures markets desire a greater margin. There is a reason for that. You have the gold, and they don't have the money. If the ship sinks quickly, they will lose a fortune. This is a sign of gold's strength not its weakness. In fact the elite rich are probably doing what they did prior to the 1929 crash. They created a decline and then a collapse where they bought it all. They can't buy anything if you keep your lifeboat covered and stored away.

You can cheat the system by buying gold on unsecured credit. If the banks fail and the system collapses, you've got the gold. Don't be afraid of owning a lifeboat while people preach about their invincibility. The more lifeboats a ship has the better. You can't bet your friends and family may not have any lifeboats at all.

Hold tight. Pray for deliverance and keep your lifeboat handy. Even more so have food and essentials you need to survive with or barter with. Some long term items to barter may be storable food, ammunition or liquor. 

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