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Posted by George Freund on August 1, 2011 at 9:30 AM


Perceived Utility and Sources of Nuclear Weapons

In contrast to several prominent jihadist sources,[71] Breivik’s treatise displays a broad understanding of the technologies underlying nuclear weapons. While entire sections are lifted from Wikipedia (for example, the nuclear fuel cycle), his analysis is sound. Fabrication of an improvised nuclear device (IND) is understood to be an unattainable goal for the foreseeable future (recall that the treatise only calls for the use of nuclear weapons after 2020).[72] Theft or unauthorized access to nuclear weapons remains the goal for Breivik’s putative Templar co-revolutionists, both extant and emerging.[73] Consequently, readers familiar with The Turner Diaries will find similarities between that work of fiction and Breivik’s treatise.[74]

According to Breivik, future (so-called “Phase 2 or 3”—2030-2070[75]) sources for intact nuclear weapons hinge on whether “European cultural conservative” forces are able to “seize control of a British or French nuclear storage facility or if we manage to negotiate with the Russians, Indians, or Israelis.”[76] As is the case with chemical, biological, and radiological stratagems explored by Breivik, jihadist groups are seen as a potential source vis-à-vis a cooperative effort in the acquisition of nuclear weapons.[77]

As noted above, Breivik’s assertion that CBRN are to be employed chiefly in “surgically precise attacks” runs counter to the effect of some CBRN weapons and agents.[78] Nowhere is this more so than with regard to nuclear weapons. The treatise recognizes this fact, noting that, “Using nuclear weapons would normally inflict too many civilian casualties and therefore it is hard to imagine how nuclear weapons could benefit our cause.”[79] Thus, Breivik concludes that only nuclear devices with “a very small charge (0,05-0,1 kt yield [sic])” are desirable.[80] Looking toward the Phase 2-3 period, the treatise outlines a strategy in which 24 such low-yield nuclear weapons are procured by “the patriotic pan-European resistance movement[81]”:

We threaten to detonate the charges in a specific European capital (major government buildings only, with minimal civilian casualties) unless the Multicultural establishment capitulate and transfers all military and political mandates to a tribunal lead by Cultural Conservatives. Obviously, each country operates independently so it will be a country by country effort starting with France, the UK or Germany (France is the natural choice due to the advancement of the Islamisation [sic]. They will refuse the first time because they assume we will not be willing to detonate. They will however most likely capitulate when we threaten to detonate the second charge. […] Even the smallest nuclear detonation would therefore inflict massive ideological, psychological and economical damage on the target Multicultural regime and is likely to result in full surrender and collapse of the system. […]The conclusion is; the threat and willingness to use small nuclear devices can end the European civil war faster and thus save up to hundreds of thousands of lives. However, it will prove more or less impossible to obtain in Phase 1. A well organised [sic] resistance group with military contacts will however be able to raid either a UK or French cache/facility during phase 2. This operation alone might end the civil war sooner than we anticipated with us as the victors. [82]

Specific Fissile Materials

Plutonium: Breivik only mentions plutonium in the context of the nuclear fuel cycle and in the context of possible agents for use in radiological weapons (both types of references are lifted verbatim from Wikipedia).

Uranium: Similar to his handling of plutonium, uranium is mentioned in the context of the nuclear fuel cycle. Additionally, the treatise briefly explores the use of depleted uranium (useless as a nuclear weapon’s primary fuel) in conventional munitions.

Delivery and Targeting of Nuclear Weapons

As explored earlier, Breivik’s treatise limits the employment of nuclear weapons to 2030 at the earliest.[83]The treatise assumes the procurement of intact nuclear weapons, putatively obviating the need to weaponize or otherwise “enable” the devices before use. As noted, European cities are the primary targets although Breivik repeatedly emphasizes the need to only employ low-yield warheads. In his treatise, Breivik states that, “We threaten to detonate the charges in a specific European capital (major government buildings only, with minimal civilian casualties)…”[84] Furthermore, Breivik uses Brussels, London, and Paris as examples of European capitals to be targeted by “A nuclear warhead launched from a medium range missile or in an air craft and detonated 20 miles above”[85] for an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack. Breivik also states that “…when the civil war has been won and the focus will be on the re-conquering of Anatolia nuclear EMP attacks would be favourable.”[86] Finally, Breivik’s treatise provides detailed plans for attacks on European nuclear power plants.[87] Entitled “Operation Regime Ender,”[88]Breivik claims that “A new Chernobyl disaster in the heart of Western Europe will break the back of the EUSSR, have no doubt. Causing a new Chernobyl disaster on a multiculturalist regime would completely cripple them and might eventually lead to the collapse of the EU altogether or any targeted individual regime.”[89]

Summary of Nuclear Weapons

The acquisition and use of nuclear weapons by Breivik’s supposed Knights Templar allies is obviously the least likely outcome with regard to CBRN writ large. Breivik clearly acknowledges this; caveats are infused with all of his planning for future nuclear events. Still, the treatise’s handling of nuclear weapons is unique. First, it carefully considers the preservation of Breivik’s alleged constituency through the employment of only low-yield warheads. Second, the treatise is unique in that it considers multiple state sources for nuclear weapons, many in the context of cells working with Knights Templar. This includes Russia, Israel and India.

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