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War Has Been Declared Upon Us. This is very simple; The vaccine is killing people. Therefore anyone saying you have to take the vaccine is trying to kill you

Posted by George Freund on October 10, 2021 at 11:55 AM

Dylan Eleven | | October 6 2021


Every time a politician or someone is talking on TV about how you must take the death vaccine, they are literally telling you to kill yourself. They know the vaccine is deadly. They are threatening us with consequences and violence if we don’t kill our selves.


Anyone that is telling us to get vaccinated is openly telling people to commit suicide and to sacrifice your children. This is satanic. As is the masks, 6 feet separation, and lockdowns.


Biden, Trudeau, … the list goes on, all around the world. They are all satanists telling you to kill yourself with the death clot shot “Vaccine”or else.


How is this allowed to continue? Why are these people not being held accountable for the mass deaths and injuries caused by these Covid “vaccines”, lockdowns and mask mandates?


How?, Why? Because they have not openly declared war upon us. They are telling us to kill our selves for our own benefit. A cowards war.


I would suggest that telling people to kill themselves by taking the death shot or else, is a declaration of war and we act accordingly. How about you?


The very fact that they are still watched by millions on TV and are allowed, by the people, to tell us to kill our selves, without consequence, means to them that they are getting away with it.


They will keep on with this genocidal agenda until they are literally pulling people from their homes and forcibly vaccinate murdering them. The media is driving the battle. The police and army will bring the violence.


Or, we can pull them from the TV stations and podiums before that. And army and police, do your real jobs and stand with the people. There is no more waiting. The final time has come.


The world is uniting. The masses are protesting, unity is being witnessed by millions. The next step is to stop the vaccine genocide and covid crap. Start by removing the real virus. The main stream media, who without, this genocide could not have happened. And strip the good from the ranks of the force of fascism, the police our brother and the soldier our sister. Who should join with the people now.


They are using the media as a weapon of war. Therefore the media is a strategic military target in this war.


Ben Fulford stated over a year ago; to end this war, the first thing the military needs to do is take out the media. Go to the TV and radio stations and occupy them. This would have ended the covid scam and halted the genocide vaccine program in one easy step. Because it has all been a lie and there is no virus. Just a genocide weapon they call a vaccine. And without the mass brainwashing of the media, no one would have committed suicide with a deadly vaccine.


Instead the military did not do that and the world war was waged by the media. Global domination without firing a shot.


Now they are trying to finish us off by telling us to kill ourselves and then forcing the death vaccine upon us.


Instead of the military taking control of the media and stopping the lies. The military is occupying industry and the hospitals to take the jobs of the doctors and nurses that would not participate in the genocide plot. To further the vaccine Genocide.


The media continues to lead the battle. Still the enemy of the people.


Do we wait for Trump, so we trust the plan, still, after all that has happened? Are they coming? They are fucking late at this point and billions have been injected with the death vax and most will die from it.


So if they are coming or not. We are not waiting any more.


The sides of this battle are clear. And war is upon us.


Good verses evil


Humanity verses satanists.


Unfortunately this is exactly what they want.


An insider Satanist revealed the plan is massive civil war. And what these stupid politicians don’t realize is they want us to hang them from the streets. They want total war, one side against the other. They want us to destroy ourselves and then when all the planet looks like a mad max movie, they will manage a much fewer number of us and usher in their final plan of dominance.


What the satanists were surprised about was how easily the people fell for it and how well it worked.


The only thing we can do to save the world and beat these bastards is for it not to be a bloody fight of the people verses rhe police and army.


This is what they want.


We could all simply choose the side of good and not further their agenda any more. Unite and take over. Now. Or it’s going to be needlessly bloody.


Police and army it’s time to choose your side.


The people must unite in mass disobedience, and join with those who will uphold their police oath to protect the constitution, and those in the armed forces that joined up to save the world. Rather than protect sick genocidal pedophiles.


The governments do not have the legal authority to go above our inalienable rights and the constitution of our countries. Therefore their actions are acts of war against the population.


For example; in Canada, the first paragraph of the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms was explained by the person who wrote it. The first paragraph states that the charter will not be violated unless the government can demonstrably justify it based upon the emergency. As he stated, not only have they not done this to a sufficient degree, they haven’t even attempted to demonstrate it.


He stated they are acting against the constitution, illegally and the only solution is to remove them all from power and scrap the whole system of government and start again. Because they are all acting against the constitution and against the people.


This is the suggestion from the person who wrote the charter of rights for Canada.


The government has no justification for their actions. They must be removed.


There is no emergency. There was no emergency, and they never justified any measures with any proven scientific basis.


There will appear to be an actual “emergency”when the vaccinated die off in large numbers. And they will try to call it a new outbreak, but in reality is is the effects of the vaccine in the vaccine injured.


Again this is not a justifiable emergency that can remove our rights, it just means they should stop jabbing people and help those jabbed.


So where does that bring us to.


They are threatening us with violence and will eventually use violence to murder us with a genocide weapon they call a vaccine.


They have no scientific, moral, legal, constitutional, or medical justification for their threats and mandates.


This is an undeclared war. We must recognize it as a declaration of war or we will not be able to take the steps necessary to save us all.


The cabal is attempting global Genocide by covertly hiding the fact that they have declared war upon us. Because if they did actually go to war with the people they would not win due to our numbers.


This is based upon Sun Tzu. If your enemy is stronger than you evade him. Fight without fighting. Undermine and destroy your enemy from within and only go into battle when the war is won.


This is the strategy for global Genocide using the death shot Vaccine.


Make no mistake. This is war. It would be so much easier for us to win if they actually announced it’s a war. Then we could simply storm the TV stations and stop these people telling us to kill ourselves, arrest a few pedophile politicians and be done with it.


But they are not announcing it so we are not storming the buildings. Hmmm. There is a solution here somewhere.


Do we wait for them to tell us they have declared war upon us. Do we wait for the government to tell us it’s ok to take them out? What if they don’t tell us is ok for us to fight back? What if they don’t declare war in the open?


I suggest that they have declared war upon us. Several times. The latest is telling us to kill ourselves and sacrifice our children. This is satanic and is a declaration of war.


We either act collectively now, understand we are at war and remove these people from the podiums on TV and from public office. Or we will have to defend ourselves at our front doors individually from the forced death vaccine squads.


We are here. The time has come. Unite, Prepare and act accordingly.

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