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Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on October 12, 2020 at 6:35 PM

Three months since i saw another human face besides [my partner's]


7 months since [my partner] and I had a little break together in the form of going and having a coffee down the street


Over a year since i last sat out in nature


Sitting staring at the wall for 2 hours, again.. unable to move




Horrible negative emotions virtually all day


Awake entire nights, distress


I cant think of anything to look forward to because i dont know when we will be allowed to do anything


Just go for a drive, go to the forest


Just go somewhere together, far from all of this


We are not allowed


The police could enter our homes at any point and arrest us if we say the 'wrong' thing online


This doesnt feel human


I don't smile


I dont laugh


I worked out the other day and felt nothing, no pain


Nothing would register as pain


I couldn't feel anything


I feel far away from myself


Sometimes i forget how long the day has been going for


Does it matter?


You're not allowed to leave? Even if family members are terminally ill? They could die before we are let out of Melbourne, got told it isnt a good enough reason to be let out of the state


Literally not allowed to move house


I think WA is letting Victorians in now but we cant get to the airport to fly out of here because the airport is more than 5ks from our house


You arent allowed more than 5ks from your house


You arent allowed to buy a takeaway coffee and sit under a tree or on the ground anywhere that isnt your house




This isnt human


This isnt human


This isnt human


This isnt human


There is no empathy here


No price is too high


Suicide is not too great a price to pay


Self harm is not too great a price to pay


Structural brain changes in large portions of the population is not too high a price to pay


Do you know what prolonged social isolation does to the brain?


We are made to feel it does not matter


Because all we are, are numbers


We are not people we are the masses

without a say


Without a time period to look forward to when we can hug again


I am sharing my experience because you should know the truth




A faceless number in melbourne


That about sums it up, doesn't it?


The architects of this dystopia refuse to acknowledge collateral damage, including mental health, from the lockdowns, even though at this point it positively swamps the number of deaths from COVID itself

They are prisoners of a war that they had no idea was waged and lost. So are we all really. Learn the forest or become the fertilizer. 

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