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The Rebel Paradox

Posted by George Freund on July 24, 2020 at 3:00 PM

A strange paradox is upon us. The rebels against the federal government are getting first hand knowledge about what criminality is about. They provided a serious method of anarchy under the approval of local anti-Trump forces. They had the ultimate get out of jail free card because they would at best be catch and release or more likely not be arrested in the first place. 

The president has authorized federal police to enter Portland to protect federal property. That gets the little darlings a free tour of the cell block. As you can see from the expression above, that wasn't part of the deal. 

What is even more hilarious is that they are rebels against the federal government. They have seceded from the union like their forefathers before setting up little inner sanctums like CHAZ. Yet at the same time these rebels abhor the previous ones taking great delight in burning the flag. They say the civil war was about slavery. That is far from the case. It was about jurisdiction. They leave that out of the history books. Perhaps it was so long ago no one knows. However, the federal city later known as Washington had a one hundred square mile territory to operate in. There was a border and everything. Washington advanced into the sovereign states with encroachment. The southern states seceded. 

The new rebels are doing the same thing, and federal forces are persuing them as well. The extreme irony is the new ones feel that the issue of the civil war was slavery. It wasn't. It was jurisdiction. In our era we are defacto slaves to the very wealthy - the people who hire the anarchists in the first place. So they are being used by present day slave masters to allow them to maintain their power. It reminds me of Christ. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. They do throw a good few. 

When a previous cash crisis occurred, we were required to register births with the state. Under Admiralty law that was a bill of lading. We became cattle and chattel for the bond holders. As the new crisis unfolds, we will be chipped as a herd, and our bondage may become more obvious. So in effect, these rebels are being used to bring a return to bondage. They have the nerve to burn the flag of the southern states while herding their brethren into a trap. That is the irony of the paradox. History repeats and we die for lack of knowledge. 

So when the confederacy burned, the rights of the sovereign states burned too. The jurisdiction was expanded to from sea to shining sea. The boundary stones are an archaic relic like the Civil War itself. A free people in a free country have the right to come and go or leave the union as they please. Indentured slaves have no rights. The Union victory didn't free the slaves. It enabled the money trusts to enslave us all. There may come a day when that is readily apparent - the night they drove old Dixie down. 

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